great morning

morning everybody..morning sunshine :)

i had a wonderful and peaceful sleep last nite and i woke up feeling good and fresh..yay!
i had baked beans for my breakfast and a supernice hot tea..i wanna cook either spaghetti or pasta for lunch depending on my level of rajinness..lalalala..

i miss little kiddo Muhammad Qhalif Elfee already.he's coming back today.yippie!

after a burst-my-heart-and-feeling-out yesterday,i feel ok and much better.yeah,sometime words means nothing and tears will do.hopefully everything will be ok and we'll be ok.

hugs and lov3;


i noe what u did last the-hell-of-a-time!

hermm..life can be unfair..

it hurts..really badly and deeply..when the fact that u love somebody but it turns up that the one u love is the one who's gonna tear u apart.promises upon promises but it's nothing but a
LIE. come on la!

life is cruel but we cannot blame life but the person who makes life cruel.

just tell the truth..yes i noe,truth is hurt

the one who knows what u have done;


no specific title..lol

hermmm...i can't wait for this weekend to come..bkn apa,i want to have some good rest at home.my entire body aching..or a feel good time watching movies or shopping would do too..yay!hehe..it's a kind of treatment to release the burden inside the head..well,it works for me though.. :)

my mom always remind me that i shud work hard to achieve my dream bcoz it won't come to u easily..i will always remember that. i really wanna success in my career life so that aku leh balas jasa my parents and family.they sacrificed a lot for me so that i could finish my study to the highest level..money,time,energy and every single thing they could do to ensure that i successfully receive a scroll.love 'em to bits.they are my strength who stood behind me in good time or bad time,thin or thick..i really appreciate what they have done to me.

so, working hard is what i did during the entire weekdays and i have the right to have a wonderful weekends rite?so,plan..plan..plan..i'll write here later if i manage to plan sumtin okies?i would be nice if i could hang out with my frens kan??herm..good idea..i shud text my frens la,mana taw if they are available this weekend.mini gath would be blast for me.

till then..i need to mandi coz i'll be late for maghrib..



urgh..i'm not feeling well today.i feel numb and tired.haiyoo..wat's up tIm?i dun like dis feeling bcoz my entire body aching d hell outta me.shit.

d fact dat i'm alone in the house makes it feel more bad.but my sister,bro-in-law,nephew and mom will only be here on saturday so another 2days to be alone..urghhhh...

i'm so freaking cold in dis office..somebody pls shut d hell aircond off.my head aching..plus with running nose..and i'm so hungry..adoiii..
till then..i have to finish my work..a huge bunch of fails :(



work work work!!!

hermm...i get headache when i think about work and i'm sick of it!

confession : i'm now a translator at Syariah High Court Shah Alam and i'm about to quit. why? simple..simply becoz i can't take the pressure working there when ppl around me were putting high expectation on me of sumtin i'm new with.ok..ceni la..i'm new and have ZERO idea of law and what not.tp 'they' think that i'm an english graduate and i shud noe english by heart as well as the jargons of law.hello..lain la terms dia.don't expect that i noe every single thing about it and fyi aku bkn la bdk law ok?

pastu i'm doing all the task that wasn't my job scope pon..tu tak kesah la n i'm ok wit it.tapi gaji aku la yg plg sikit..and the hardest part was when aku kena tegur ngn judge dlm court in front of the people in side the court room.watdef?when i asked my officer what shud i do inside the court room,she said without hesitation "translate je ape yg client tu ckp dkt hakim n ape yg hakim tu ckp dkt client tu".wah2..tak plak dia mention yg i have to speak out loud.dem it!

so..i'm now trying to search for a better job..and yay! me sbb aku dpt offer wat exam PTD..i noe it's hard to get thru d exam n interview and so forth but i'm going to give it a shot.no harm in trying rite?so pray for me too okies?hopefully by the end of this month i manage to get a new job with a better offer!AMIN....




here i am blogging...hahaha...i just dunno why on earth that i wanna start blogging.i have 1 blog before and still using it but i make it private.just for me to write something that i don't think should be read by public.

i have read many blogs before and i will read them everyday for latest update..lalala..i just love the way they write and reading blogs made my day :)

anyhow..greeting for tIm..W.E.L.C.O.M.E