the first attempt was 60/40 menjadi :P

well,there's always first time right.still got some room for improvement.yet to make the frosting.maybe tomorrow since we are tired and mommy is here.


blissful friday

accompanied mr.hubster to his office
went to CITTA for some walk and bought some baking stuff.

we are going to bake.

red velvet cuppies.

what say you?

gotta upload the pixie once the cuppies are done :)



it's all about the money..erkk..my money!!

i need my freaking moneyyhhh!!!

well,this is not fabulous anymore!!!


A year through

time flies so fast without us realizing it..it's what most people said.well, time does fly.as for me,i have been through one fantastic year of marriage.yeap, on 25th Septermber 2011 marked a year of me n mr.hubster's marriage.


we have been through a lot throughout this one year.it's a bittersweet journey.i won't say that everything that we have been through was all sweet.sometimes we did quarrel :P
but trust me,the disagreements make us stronger than ever.well, it's not that we quarrel over every single and simple thing.biasa la kan, sometimes akan ada terasa hati,ter'over acting but we apologize and we compromise.tambah2 now that i'm preggy,lagi la cepat terasa hati (it shows that aku la yang slalu carik pasal)

we have been through an amazing year.we learned a lot about each other more than we did before..mr.hubster is an amazing husband,best friend, listener, adviser and daddy-to-be.i couldn't thank him enough for every single thing that he did for me.i really appreciate his presence..Alhamdulillah Allah sent me this precious gift as my husband :)

to mr.hubster @ Shaiful Anuar, thank you for being there for me whenever i need you.i know i can count on you as a husband, friend and father to our baby.i treasure every minute and second living with you and i am looking forward for more years to come.i might not have expensive gift to give you but i promise to be the best for you and cherish you as long as my heart beats..
i love you baby