aman's big day!!

what's up everybody??

so much of wanting to be models..lalala

us with beautiful aman :)

smile everybody!!

we are the green people..

how lovely..gonna miss everybody!


me and my friends

i see cuppies there.

syed & aman

there goes beautiful couple

i love this pix

dayah pose sakan!

Pose everybody!!!!!!

gonna miss 'em!

Last friday, i went to aman's wedding at Pandan Lake Club.it was awesome and sweet..and so sedih because she'll be staying in Johore with syed and settle down there.plus sedih gak coz it was what i felt during echa's wedding.haha..maybe sbb they are among my friends and the fact that they are married now may create a gap between us makes it worst.but me and my friends had a great time there with good foods and beautiful couple.aman's wedding was like a mini gathering for my course mate.we had a chance to catch up with each other and update a little here and there.

After the wedding, me,ct,dayah and amed went jalan2 and makan2..we went to Bukit Bintang and very early in the morning around 6am,we sent dayah and amed to uia.i accompanied ct to putrajaya sebab ct takot nak drive sorang2 blk putrajaya and the fact that she's not familiar with the road.after that me and ct trus tdoq tak sedar diri until 1pm kot.lalala..i went home at 5pm after brunch.

i had a great time with my friends..but sadly after aman's wedding i felt sick.i had a bad cough and i lost my voice for 3days :(
so there goes the story of aman's wedding..

owh ya..i got one interview this tuesday at Kumon Bukit Damansara for the post of Editor..hopefully everything will be ok.amin :)

so..that's all for now.will update later ya