i never thought....

i thought you are a saint but i think it's not too much to say that you are worst than what you have said to other people.well said lady, i never thought you would say such things to another girl.you made her feel cheap by calling her bad name but what makes you a different person by saying that?are you afraid that she'll take your other half because you did the same thing to the other girl before?young lady, remember that what goes around comes around.HE is watching over whatever you did.i might not be fair to just listen to one side only but thinking back of what i've been through, i think you are that kind of person.

too bad you give me a bad impression already.it's not that i care,i have my own life now but pity you other half.i thought he'll be in a good hands and i thought you are better but you are turning him into a different person.may ALLAH show you the way and lead you to the right path.i'm not praying for the worst, i just want HIM to show both of you the right path.



so we bid goodbye to him

adios sensei...

well,yesterday we did a lil farewell party for rafi since it would be his few last days at the office. we had lunch at kenny rogers midvalley (since semua orang malu2 nak buat decision nak makan kat mana.ntah apa2)...

so after this no more sensei who is our source of gossips..hahahaha..i can still remember clearly the way he was gossiping yesterday.we really laugh our ass out!!

may you have a wonderful journey ahead after this rafi..selamat la ko pegi jalan2 nanti which i know you will soon.selamat menjalankan kehidupan baru,cewah ayat tak bleh blah :p

you'll be missed

so we did take a few pics with each other just to kill the time

oh..i like this pix :p

*bajet ntahpape*

asal muka u excited ni?dengar gossip ehhh?

leng loi..

menempek di situ

me n sensei..sibok je ngn BB dia :P

ko dah kenape? *tiru suara rafi*

oopss..tak sempat pose except for cammy.lol