tribute to ctot n DELS club =)

those pixies were taken on the first day of DELS' Jumbo Sale organized by DELS club berkakak leaderkan ctot (maintain kak leader)

this Jumbo Sale adalah bertujuan untuk fund raising for DELS Grand Dinner this upcoming december.
di kesempatan ini aku dermalah baju,seluar yoga,jeans,sweater and bags :)

there are a lot of things you can buy;from kid's shoes n clothes,adult's clothes, adult's shoes,bags,toys,magazines,novels,shawls,neckties and too amny to list down.

ctot's sister menderma penyedut hampagas (gila bahasa aku) so me,rose chantek n cammy dah chop dulu.hahaha..sebab bilik dah mengalahkan hampagas.yayyyy!!!!
dah tak lucky to get lucky draw so me'lucky'kan duit poket dan beli 2nd hand item di samping buat good course :)

good job guys..syabas inspektor shahab!!!

penyapot dari belakang;

prezzie =)

i got some souvenir from bali give by yam n zam

i also got wedding gift from them

awwww..thank u guys =)



i'll never give up

i have applied to pursue my master last few months with one of my friend sasa.we applied for the same course which is ELS.i've been having this motivation to pursue my master since it is already my second year lecturing and by right i should be doing my master since i am into teaching field and my friends and colleagues especially rose chantek are completing their masters and cammy already completed her master.

so i applied and this is also one of my aim before i reach 30 to have my master.

i've been waiting for the reply letter since God knows when but i didn't receive any.i really wanted to ask sasa whether she already got hers but i kept on postponing due to 'hell-i-wish-i-know-why' syndrome.

so,last week sasa texted me and asked about it.i was so scared because she said she got her and her application is successful. i checked online but too bad it stated that there is no details of my application.so i called UKM for confirmation and it was confirmed that they didn't ever received my application form.i was so pissed off.

i don't want to tell the whole details of the problem because it will definitely hurt me some more. so let the story remain unsaid and let me keep the bitter story to myself.

but,never will i give up on this.there is always another intake.i'm going to apply for the next intake for sure.pray for me people :)

yes i am terribly upset but that doesn't mean that it's the end of the world.



haahaahaa :p

location : his office @ Kota Damansara

tIm : sayang..ngantok la pulak dok kat office ni.kita p makan ice cream kat OU after this boleh?take it as ur treat sebab i helped u out with nothing.hehehehehe :D (ni monologue dalaman.as i was typing,i helped him bukak sticker then he looked at the screen n smile)
Him : boleh..satg kita gerak la..
tIm : *tersenyum puas* (feels like jumping off the building)

i love u sayang..you know i do :)