Alhamdulillah my precious Umar is today 6 month-old.how time flies and he's now starting to lift his body and few little move forward to crawl.it's such an emotional moment to be able to see and watch him grow before my eyes.soon without me realizing it, Umar walks, goes to school, enters college then marries his soul mate.oh noooo!!no  matter what, you will always be mommy's baby :P

today i start feeding him solid food. i know some of my friends already feed their babies solid food when their babies reach 5months but nayyy, i wait for Umar to reach 6months only then i feed him.

his reaction???

he smiled and demanded for more (based on his mouth yang ternganga2 tu la i think we wants more :P)
omai..PRICELESS :)

i was so happy and excited  feeding him up until i forgot to snap some pics of him eating.nanti i'll upload his pics.comot2 muka  makan cerelac tu.nak start with vege puree tapi 1st try bagi cerelac tu dulu,nak test power.hehe..since he's ok with it, mommy's gonna buy a lot of veges to make puree for him.i'm such a happy mommy.dia makan sangat effortless okay!!