infamous wedding reception =)

excuse the 'poyo' pose from us.hahaha

my wedding reception went well as planned..Alhamdulillah.many were present yesterday and it was such a great event.i was so thankful to have such wonderful siblings, relatives and friends who came and offered their helping hands.really appreciate all the hard work.you guys were rock!!!i love you guys a lot.hugs.



tribute to ctot n DELS club =)

those pixies were taken on the first day of DELS' Jumbo Sale organized by DELS club berkakak leaderkan ctot (maintain kak leader)

this Jumbo Sale adalah bertujuan untuk fund raising for DELS Grand Dinner this upcoming december.
di kesempatan ini aku dermalah baju,seluar yoga,jeans,sweater and bags :)

there are a lot of things you can buy;from kid's shoes n clothes,adult's clothes, adult's shoes,bags,toys,magazines,novels,shawls,neckties and too amny to list down.

ctot's sister menderma penyedut hampagas (gila bahasa aku) so me,rose chantek n cammy dah chop dulu.hahaha..sebab bilik dah mengalahkan hampagas.yayyyy!!!!
dah tak lucky to get lucky draw so me'lucky'kan duit poket dan beli 2nd hand item di samping buat good course :)

good job guys..syabas inspektor shahab!!!

penyapot dari belakang;

prezzie =)

i got some souvenir from bali give by yam n zam

i also got wedding gift from them

awwww..thank u guys =)



i'll never give up

i have applied to pursue my master last few months with one of my friend sasa.we applied for the same course which is ELS.i've been having this motivation to pursue my master since it is already my second year lecturing and by right i should be doing my master since i am into teaching field and my friends and colleagues especially rose chantek are completing their masters and cammy already completed her master.

so i applied and this is also one of my aim before i reach 30 to have my master.

i've been waiting for the reply letter since God knows when but i didn't receive any.i really wanted to ask sasa whether she already got hers but i kept on postponing due to 'hell-i-wish-i-know-why' syndrome.

so,last week sasa texted me and asked about it.i was so scared because she said she got her and her application is successful. i checked online but too bad it stated that there is no details of my application.so i called UKM for confirmation and it was confirmed that they didn't ever received my application form.i was so pissed off.

i don't want to tell the whole details of the problem because it will definitely hurt me some more. so let the story remain unsaid and let me keep the bitter story to myself.

but,never will i give up on this.there is always another intake.i'm going to apply for the next intake for sure.pray for me people :)

yes i am terribly upset but that doesn't mean that it's the end of the world.



haahaahaa :p

location : his office @ Kota Damansara

tIm : sayang..ngantok la pulak dok kat office ni.kita p makan ice cream kat OU after this boleh?take it as ur treat sebab i helped u out with nothing.hehehehehe :D (ni monologue dalaman.as i was typing,i helped him bukak sticker then he looked at the screen n smile)
Him : boleh..satg kita gerak la..
tIm : *tersenyum puas* (feels like jumping off the building)

i love u sayang..you know i do :)



out with love

it has been so long since i watched movie so yesterday me n hubby decided to go out for a movie at Cineleisure.after some arguement (bukan gaduh baling2 pinggan eh..ni gaduh sebab dua2 org tanak buat decision nak pegi mana or tgk movie apa) i being a very good wifey mengalah (ehemmm..hahahha) and decided to go there and also decide what movie to watch.since dah lama tak tengok movie so i have no idea which movie yang best or baru or whatnot :D

finally we decided to watch 'BURIED'

the movie was a 740pm show and we still got 1 hour and a half before the show so we went to The Curve for some drinks and cuci2 mata :D
and around 720pm we went to cineleisure for the movie

at first everything seemed okay..15mins passed by and i could say that there were a lot of cursing involved.i was like okheyyyyyy, very NICE (dah la ada parents yang bawak young babay to the hall,i wonder how it was possible since the movie is 18 classified..memang A!)

couple sebelah aku pulak makan jeruk sebelah aku..out of many food kenapala kau pilih jeruk?and the smell gosh..macam bau kepam mende ntah..makan la pop corn ke, i mean other snacks yang tak berbau.pastu dok buat romantic action sebelah aku which is soooo annoying for heaven sake!aku dah buat poker face and my husband kept on reminding me not to make such face :p

ok..takpe la yang tu..and the story was like erm..not to my expectation.haha.
and at the end of the story,me n hubby cursed.hahahahaha!i think most of the people in the hall cursed too.

after the movie,we went for sight seeing around KL.haha..that was what we used to do when we were still 'just friend'.ngahahahahha :D
after that pegi makan2 supper kat Barakah AU2..nyum2..

i had a blast day with him.thanks sayang :)



new chapter of life :)

dah lama tak meng-update blog..i'm busy with nothing.ngeheee..

well,my akad nikah went smoothly as planned *syukur*...many of my relatives came and offered their helping hands.i'm so touched.my friends also came to celebrate my happy moments.million thanks everybody.i couldn't say much but i'm so happy and thankful to have everybody during my big day.

my akad nikah started after Asar prayer.i was so freaking nervous,i bet he felt the same way too.Alhamdulillah denagan sekali lafaz,i'm officially his wife :)
i had mixed feeling during that time..

1. i was so happy that finally we are husband and wife,after all the ups and downs and whatnots,i couldn't be happier.happy to finally been able to spend the rest of my life with the one i love :)
hopefully it will alst till our last breath.
2. i was sad because my parents were not there to witness my happy moments.it's not that they don't want to be there but since my dad was not really well that time,he did not manage to be there and my mum,being a very hardworking mak wanted to make sure that everything was ok and well prepared at home.well,indeed everything was perfect.thank u mak n abah :)
3.i was scared due to the fact that now i am somebody's wife and i have to hold a big responsibility to make sure everything is ok.after this,i can no longer act like a child when the fact that i know i would still be (sayang u know me better kan? :D)
i can no longer act and do whatever i want,i mean not without my husband's permission.dah tak boleh nak pikir pasal diri sendiri..huuu,berat jugak eh?but i know i can handle myself well with my husband's help.

i cannot express my feelings in words..yes,i am extremely happy of what and who i am now.

and i cannot wait for my reception this coming december :)hopefully everything will go smoothly as planned.

dear friends and relatives,thank u for being there during my akad nikah.i am looking forward to see u guys again during the reception.
for those u did not attend my akad nikah,i'll see u during the reception ya?

lots of love;


elfee yang excited

after working hour,me n shaiful decided to fetched my sister from the office and ambik elfee kat umah mak ara for some minum2 petang.we went to Plaza Masalam.after jalan2 and after my sister did the grocery at Giant we decided to buy drinks at Starbucks and lepak2 dekat padang.just for the sake of nak bawak elfee jalan2 and lari2 since my brother in law buat OT and elfee haven't got the chance nak main2 dekat playground sebab samapi umah pon dah malam.

at the Starbucks,i met Farah.i was so shocked to see her because it has been ages since i saw her,i think the last time would be December last year.. :)

then we went to the padang..elfee amcam teruja because it was his first time there.hahaha..pity u lil munchkin :)

so here are some pixs i managed to capture at the padang :D



oh my!!!!

omi gawd..it's tomorrow.ya saya sangat debo to the max.i don't know why,it's kinda weird feeling.takut + excited + sedih + happy = what i am now.

today me and my siblings been spending time buat pelamin since nak tunjuk creative la konon.hahaha..my dad dah gelak2 cakap we will end up finishing the pelamin esok pagi (sangat menyokong abah aku ni)

just now tok kadi datang,he asked me a few questions i.e istiqfar,mengucap and rukun nikah.thank god aku tak tersasul kalau tak mau abah aku debik aku tadi :p

yes,gugup yang sanagt but trying my best to control in front of my saudara since ramai jugak orang kat umah *nervous*

to all my friends, relatives and colleagues,thank you so much for the warm wishes.sangat terharu and appreciate.

to my family,thank you for the hard work and sacrifices.i love u guys a lot.muah2



fRiENdShiP :)

i am so thankful to be blessed with lots of beautiful,supportive,caring,understanding and crazy friends :)

they will always be beside me whenever i need them.kadang2 memang akan gaduh but after that we will become closer.



my Abah :)

i haven't got the chance to update about my dad's condition.erm..Alhamdulillah he's ok now.he shows a lot of progress and he's excited about my akad nikah.i'm totally happy and thankful.i couldn't ask for more.
yesterday we went to MAIK regarding the permohonan nikah and what not.he wanted to come along with me and my mom even though he was using tongkat.i was so touched.thank you Allah.

much love;


tik tok

tik..tok..tik..tok..time flies so fast and it's monday already.i have another 4 days before my akad nikah.

i am excited yet a bit scared.

i am happy because my dear friend is getting engage to her love one this november,double happiness!



on raya and big day

my hommie is now very quiet since my sisters,brothers in law, nephews and niece went back to their place yesterday.there are still people coming for hari raya visit but it is not as frequent as the last few days.

i had a blast hari raya.all my siblings were home to celebrate raya with my parents.alhamdulillah praise to Him :D

this year's raya will mark a change in me.as what i have told in the last post,in 10 days to come i will move one step ahead in my relationship,insyaallah.all the preparations are settled and i will only have to wait for the day to arrive.i am a bit scared,i bet that's normal for those who will go to that phase.but i m so thankful to have a very supportive family members and dearest.



Eid Mubarak :D

Eid Mubarak everybody.may all of us have a good Syawal this year.sorry for what i have done wrong.Maaf Zahir & Batin


the BIG day :D

there are so many things happened lately..i accept everything wholeheartedly.it's not that i'm not happy but i am still shocked but extremely happy =)

finally i have informed all my dearest friends about the big day.yes,my big day.i am going to move one step further after raya.insyaallah if He permits i will be akad nikah after hari raya,25 september 2010 to be exact.we reached to this decision after some discussion on both families and thorough brain storm with him.i am ready for this,i am ready to move forward.

to all my friends,thank you for your non stop prayers.love u guys a lot.hugs

much love;



ohhh...it's raining cats and dogs outside.it's getting colder and i just love this weather.

today is a public holiday thus it's time for me to rest my brain after 5 days of tortured.this morning i drove my sister and my nephew to the clinic.the lil boy is having flu.then went to Giant for a while before headed home.now since it's raining,we just stay home.

my bro in law and shaiful went out surveying the price of the raw material for their new house ie tiles,plaster ceiling and what not and also buying some stuff for wiring.if everything is going on smoothly,insyaallah Shah will start renovating the house ASAP and we might move out to the new house after eid.

oh i'm getting sleepy.gotta write some more later >_<



little craving - final part :D


Oh my cookies n cream

satisfying that's for sure :D

indulging the temptation =)


thanks sayang for the cookies n cream :D

you can only have some because of sore throat.BIG NO NO!


yayyy!there goes the lil craving.

my nose also want some cookies n cream :p

yeah,finally i got the ice cream,no more craving.thanks sayang for buying it for me.i know i can count on you.i know you will definitely making it real for me.

those pixies were taken after our iftar together.early the evening we went to Bukit Tinggi for a movie.we watched Avatar:The Last Airbender at last.we walked around the mall and looking for 'household items' which we are so gonna buy later for our 'heaven'.for now we have found some which might help and we are looking forward to buy them.

after the movie and window shopping,we went back to S.alam for iftar.he craved for nasi mamak (out of many food kan?) so we had our iftar at out fav mamak nearby his house.kesian pulak my sayang dah lama tak makan nasi mamak.mesti mamak tu rindu u okay!

then we went to Plaza Masalam for the ice cream.ngeheee :D

after that we went to the padang nearby Theatre House in S.alam for some lepak moment and ate some donuts (yes,i ate a lot tonight.so what?)

then we went to Tesco.i am going to cook him some spaghetti for iftar tomorrow.it has been a while since i cooked for him.takpela,my treat ok since u have fulfilled my craving.

i had lotsa fun today hanging out with him.je t'aime :D