not the time just yet

tick tock..tick tock..
wooo..waiting really makes me nervous.
the lil one decides to stay a bit longer inside so yeah, am still pregnant =p

but it's gonna be soon as what the doc said

went for check up yesterday.went through CTG (to check the baby's heartbeat) as well.man i love the ward..macam dok dalam hotel.lol
ada microwave and mini bar summore and plus the room is huge.
the price is not that high,affordable.we like =)
the doc is nice too.bukan macam the other doc tu,mencuakkan aku ja cakap kena besalin awal sebab baby besar.waaaa!!!

so baby,we can't wait to see you and hold you.



i'm now in the heaven on earth

my home.my kampung.



that's why i smile

there's no reason for me not to be happy since i have a wonderful family, in laws and most importantly an amazing hubster who cares for me.

i have been spoiled with delicious food & TLC :P

this is the perk of being pregnant i know.but nayy, hubster spoiled me all the time.LOL

baby i know u gonna read this somehow.

i love you beyond words. we love you.

you make me happy, so does the baby :D

the reason for me to smile my whole life :)