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After so much drama of choosing something to wear to the office this morning, my mak gave me her jubah. Bagi pinjam of course. How cool is that to be able to share your mom's clothes? Kalau Salamiah Hasan boleh kongsi baju dengan Atilia and vice versa, aku pon boleh. Aku je la boleh pinjam baju mak, mak dah sah-sah takkan pakai baju aku. hahahahah!!!

p/s: sila abaikan keserabutan dibelakangku itu.thank you 

I've been searching for a picture of my mak wearing the same jubah tapi tak jumpa pulak. Nanti kalau dah jumpa, i'm so gonna put it here. Thank you mak. Jubah mak cantik :) Sayang mak

Boring post for the sake of posting something today :P

Having my brunch (nasi goreng + kentang goreng with ikan bilis + ayam masak kicap = my kinda comfort food) is so much fun whilst blog walking. I can do this all the time BUT I am not paid to only do this though.

However, this will only last for a while. New semester will start soon. I have another 1 week to huhu haha and laze around. Next week pon dah start busy with registration, EPT paper marking + keying in the marks (these 2 jobs would take 1 day only) and then me and my colleague will have to stream the students according to their marks/level. Furthermore, kena betulkan jadual yang dah buat according to the intake. How stressful right?

Having said that, I guess it's okay for me to do the 'lagha' things before the storm strikes :)
Fair enough :P

I'm now busy having a life. I'm happy :)


On En.Suami,Hubster,Hubby and whatnot

mon cheri

So today I'll be sharing/blabbing about my dearest hubster. Bear with me people :)

This year marks our fourth year as husband and wife. Never in my wildest dream that I would accept/marry him but ALLAH is the BEST PLANNER and it was our fate to be together and I will always be thankful to ALLAH for this path.

En.Shaiful is not a romantic kinda guy. He's just an ordinary guy who knows how to put a smile on my face and always tickles me with his jokes. Believe it or not, I never received any flowers from him ever since we knew each other until now (tengok bertapa tak lomentik hubster ku itu) but it never bothers me sebab aku ni bukan la suka sangat bunga tu. Dari bagi bunga baikla bagi makanan and that is what he did and still does.hehehe. He knows that I love food and eating/munching is my favourite pastime :)

As a husband, he takes care of me and provide me with all the needs that I should get even though we do not lead a lavish kinda life. He never pampered me with expensive stuff and I never ask anything expensive from him. What makes me love him so much is the fact that he cooks for me every now and then since he knows that I never like cooking and it will never be my forte. He doesn't mind because he loves cooking. He's my sexy chef :P
Kadang-kadang kalau balik kerja lambat and dia dah sampai rumah, dia siap buatkan air lagi. Baju mesti dah siap basuh, tinggal nak jemur and lipat je. Kalau penat or sakit-sakit badan, cakap je mesti he is ever ready to be my masseur. He's my living Ogawa Machine. hahahaha!! We do fight and quarrel but never on a big isssue. Hello, tipula kalau ada husband and wife yang tak pernah gaduh/ masam muka/ selisih faham. Lagu P.Ramlee pon ada kata "sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, apa pula suami isteri". The way we gaduh is both of us will just keep quiet sampailah salah seorang tak tahan and will start pujuk (selalunya dialah yang tak tahan kalau dua-dua diam so ended up dia buat lawak bodoh and both will burst into laugh).
Mr.Hubs is a very busy guy. Baru-baru ni company dia dapat buat jalan dalam Desaru Resort so he had to be there for the longest time I could remember. We didn't even get the chance to celebrate his birthday together this year. Before dapat job tu he worked so hard for the tender sampai kadang-kandang he had to work on weekends and balik lambat. Sometimes geram jugak and mulalah kepala otak pikir ke lain tapi whenever he has to come home late, dia akan call from his office or call me by using his boss's. He even dragged me to his office especially on weekends kalau dia kena habiskan kerja tak pon teman dia pergi office malam-malam. I always whine about him not spending enough time with us tapi I know he works hard for us in order to provide us with a good life walaupon tak boleh drive ferari lagi (ehh?? hahahahah!!). As a result, we are now able to settle our house payment which is a big relief to us.

few days after we were officially hubs and wife
our first eid together + Umar inside moi

my sexy chef prepared kuah lodeh for his dearest wife
 As a daddy, he's one of the best yet strict daddy a kid would and could ask for. Imagine he would wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes more than 3 times) to prepare milk for his son. He never wakes me up to do all those thing or sometimes I would call him untuk tolong bancuh susu for Umar and he never say anything about it. Dia cakap now it'll be his turn to wake up in the wee hours sebab sebelum ni when I still breastfed Umar, I had to wake up every now and then to nurse him.  How sweet and helpful can he be right?
He would also mandikan Umar whenever I am tired after work (walaupon his work requires a lot more energy than mine) then dia jugak akan suapkan Umar makan.
 However, I can see that he's going to be a strict daddy. hahaha!! We are not the kind or parents yang say yes to everything Umar wants or does. We do not want out kid(s) to be pampered with materials sampai nanti bila dah besar jadi sangat dependent dengan parents and boleh mintak all the things under the sun from the parents. They need to learn the hard way sometimes. So anak, simpanla harapan nak suruh mommy and daddy belikan kereta bila dah besar. Mommy beli kereta guna duit sendiri tau, daddy je yang dapat kereta from atok masa belajar  (oops, daddy was spoiled by atok then!). I was brought up like that and yet I still can survive so I think it wouldn't be a problem for my kid(s) to undergo the same life.

I can see his joy of fatherhood

our first road trip with Umar to JB
Hubster does not have a lot of friend. After he finished his study, he started to work with his current boss. His boss taught him a lot about life and taught him to be matured.  Sebab tu la dia nampak lagi matang walaupon kami sebaya. His circle of friends tak banyak despite belajar kat banyak tempat sebab he was and is busy with his work sampai jarang ada masa nak lepak with his friends. So his friends are his wife which is me, his boss and his colleagues.

So, those are the things about my husband. I am more than thankful to have him in my life and I couldn't and wouldn't ask for a better one. Allah has chosen him to be with me and accompany my for the rest of my life, InshaAllah. Thank you Allah.

Alhamdulillah for the life I am leading now and with whom I live now.

Thank you sayang, I know you will somehow read this post. I might not be able to express my feelings orally so this is one of the medium to express my gratitude and love to you (sorry ter'cheesy' sikit and pardon me for the PDA yeah?). I love you to the moon and back infinity times (sila muntah di tempat lain ye?)

My joker + entertainer + BFF



Food Glorious Food

I always love home made spaghetti bolognese. My version of bolognese has a hint of spicy taste which me and my sisters learned from our aunt. I've been cooking bolognese since high school and my friends know that it would be one of our favourite raya dishes :)
I've tasted many bolognese sauces but nothing beats what we prepared at home (kedengaran riak disitu :P).
I never fancy the real bolognese sauce due to its sourness. Alahai tekak melayu kan? Makan western food pon kena jugak bagi pedas-pedas baru la da bomb.
So this morning, my sister made bolognese for breakfast since it's the simplest dish to be prepared in the shortest time. We basically would add chili sauce and some curry powder to make it spicier. However, at that moment, my sister mistakenly put ABC chili dipping sauce and her bolognese turned out to be super spicy. Macam makan sambal tumis which I totally love. I will definitely add that freaking sauce in my bolognese after this.

Up : Before
Down : Aftermath

Itulah rupa paras bolognese yang my sister made. It looks normal but look can be deceiving people. Kalau mat salleh makan mau ulang alik toilet. My mak who doesn't like spicy food at all siap carik chocolate after she had some of it.
There is some sauce left so makan dengan fries. OHEMMGEE it's so good. I think it would taste a lot better if there's cheese on top of it. Mr.Hubs loves having the sauce with fries. Tapi takde la pulak gambarnye. Next time baby, next time!

Ok dah, pi buat cepat.


Family Tree

My little family 

during our short vacation last year

my precious 

Is it even healthy to be this in love with you both?

This family tree will grow soon, InshaAllah :)

Imma Proud Wifey & Mommy

My living proof

How can this little human being be so addictive?

I can never get enough of the eyes and smile. I sometimes wonder whether I will or could love his other siblings (InshaAllah in the near future) the same way that I have on him. Hahahaha!
He is so mini me. I don't know how my husband manage to handle the two of us. 
Me and Umar are so close. He is super manja whenever I am around especially these days. Mommy this and mommy that. It seems like he's glued to me. Kalau mommy masuk toilet pun kadang-kadang tunggu depan pintu. Macam la mommy nak lari. We are like bff. We annoyed hubster sometimes...erk..most of the time.. Hehehehe!

No matter how much you grow up and how many other siblings you are going to have in the future, you will always have a special place in mommy's heart.
When you grow up in the future and become a young gentleman, please don't be ashamed to love me, hug me and kiss me the way you do now even in public. LOL!
I know you will be a good big brother to your future sibling(s).
Mommy loves you and will always be. I promise to be near you and support you during the thickest and thinnest.
I pray for you excellence in the world and the hereafter.
Please bear with me and daddy even when we grow old and grumpy. We are just a plain  paranoid parent who sometimes tend to be overprotective. heheheh :D

Umar Rifqy Bin Shaiful Anuar, you will forever be my baby. Note that :D

Much Love;


Let it go..let it go..

I was scrolling my instagram yesterday when I realized that I had one friend request which suddenly made me realized that forgiving and forgetting is a way for me to let go of the past. Well, it doesn't mean that I still hold on to my past, I had gotten over and done with it years ago. Now that I'm living in the world with my loved ones, I am thankful to HIM for directing me to this path. The path that I never knew I would be taking which somehow leads me to my happiest though by taking the path that I did, I hurt so many people including myself. If not by taking the path, I might end up nowhere and might as well not becoming a mother still.hehehe. So cheers to forgive and forget :)

p/s: yes, I have forgiven you. I should have thank you for this wonderful life I'm having now :)

have a great day lovelies :)


On Motherhood

This year marks my third year of being a mother. I have so much fun handling my baby (erkk..not so baby anymore but will forever be my baby) despite so many obstacles and hurdles that I have to undergo and eventually overcome. So cheers to motherhood :)

There will be times that you feel that you will need more than 24 hours a day in order to do all the tasks and put everything in its place perfectly. I did feel down several time especially when  Mr. Hubster has to be out station for a few times and still be going out until he finishes his job. At that particular time, I felt that I was not a good mother. I had to take care of Umar who was unwell at that particular moment. I had to take him to clinic, woke up in the middle of the night to prepare his milk ( Mr. Hubster does this every night when he is around), took him out to run errands and did so many things which are done by Mr. Hubster whenever he's with us. I guess I am being papered too much by him that I kinda feel lost when he's not around especially with my condition now. hehehehehe. However, he still want me to stand on my own feet. I'm lucky and thankful that I can drive on my own so I don't depend on him to take me to places that I want or have to go.

So, next post gotta be on fatherhood. hehehe :)

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When my brain doesn't cooperate with my eyes and hands, this is what happened :)

this is the face when i got a call for lunchie :)

I took selfie to another level.LOL


messy workstation = deadlines


BULLSHITTO I should get back to work !


I'm having major migraine attack since last night. It's pretty normal for me for having migraine every now and then with my condition and what not but it kinda bothers me a tad since I have loads of things to do and to settle. Being attach to lappy doesn't help at all and it worsen my pain but I have get over and done with my workload. So yeah that explains my meroyanNESS this morning and thus I write here. heheheh. I just want to SLEEP.

tell me about it *roll eyes*

this is so me!!

this is what I should prolly be doing

or this?

yeah I need this so bad!
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Baru pagi tadi dengar kat Mix.fm about people complaining on their work that they are attached to and now here I am complaining. Arghhhhh! Cepat la masa berlalu sikit. I just want to have my long holiday. Tak baik complain..tak baik..tak baik..

Ok gotta go. Udah-udah le derailed dari tugasan sebenar. Nak cari bahan for module yang entah bila nak habis mak pon tak tauuuuuuu!