busy :s

it's been a month since i worked in SIIUC..gosh,i'm restless.since then, i never experienced good weekend, what more weekdays.i am in need of a good rest la.seriously.
i haven't had free time to update my blog and if i do have some free time,i am sooo malas to update.

okay...this place is kinda..erk..how should i put it..erm.. a bit unexpected la.everything is possible here.luckily my colleagues had informed me earlier the situation of this holy place.so,tak la i terkejut sgt.

i missed my mak n family back in Kedah.i think i only manage to be home again during raya.it's a long way to go walaupon time flies so fast nowadays.

next month gonna be triple busy because the students gonna have their revision period and final examinations.i bet i have to make back up class because it's no way for me to finish the syllabus when my class is like a class full of sponges.trust mw,they really take everything u say or teach without wanting to ask or answer my Qs.they don't participate in class.they rather don't understand what i teach than asking me for explanation. so i'm trying my best to make things simple and understandable.hopefully i'm gonna make it through.

till then..need to sleep.i have to wake up early tomorrow :s