my last post was about my dad being discharged from the hospital.too bad he was admitted again last sunday evening.haih,i just don't know what to say.just pray for the best.really hope i could go home right now.i need to be with my family.




my abah has been discharged from CRW last thursday.Alhamdulillah,syukur.i couldn't be happier so did my family members.but we couldn't stop worrying about his condition.
my sister bought the oxygen machine (i don't know the exact name..hehe) adn wheelchair for him to make it easier for him to move around.



mine,yours & our doa

i haven't got the time to update about my abah.he is now in CCU (cardiac care unit).he was transferred from CRW (cardiac recovery ward) last night.

we were told that he is now relying on the medication given plus the oxygen and no more hope left besides what are given.the doctor informed my brother and brother in law yesterday after the check up.i cried,so did my siblings.we are just redha and tawakkal now.hopefully he'll be ok.i was told by my siblings to be strong and accept it wholeheartedly since my abah has been suffering about a year already.they said if that's good for him, we can't do anything else.i was the one who broke down since i am a bit manja n since i am the youngest in my family.they calmed me down and asked me to be patient.

so,that's what basically happen for the past few days.kami berkampung dekat hospital ni.been back and forth,up and down.that's all that we can do at this moment.hopefully we'll be strong and Allah will give us strength.

Ya Allah, if that is what we have to face,make us stronger.for those who prayed for him,million thanks from me and my family.

million thanks;



Allah is testing me with a lot of things.i know i should be very calm and patient at these moments.
i have so many things so settle,i don't know which one should i do first.this is really challenging.i need to be strong.

my sister texted me late this evening.she said that abah's condition is getting worse.i am not sure how worse it is but i really pray and hope that everything will be just fine.my abah kena jaundice jugak as what my sister told me just now.i'm getting stressed out.

i am attending one wedding this saturday and on sunday i'll be flying home.i've booked the flight tickets already for me and him.we can't afford to drive since we have a wedding the day before so definitely we'll be worn out.
i already applied for 2 days leave today.haih,i'm nervous..i don't know why.

Ya Allah,please give me strength and make me strong.i just couldn't handle the stress.even booking the flight tickets made me cry =(
i don't like this kind of situation....



now and here

i am sorry if i have said something which might hurt some party.but please know this,i said those things because u made me had that thought.

now things are over.let's get over and done with.let's not talking bad things about each other anymore because i am effin tired off all these matter.i really really need a break.

we are happy now.alhamdulillah

god bless



get well soon

my abah was admitted to the hospital this evening =(

pity him..he's so thin now,he loses the appetite to eat so it makes him weak day by day.
pity my mak too..she hasn't sleep enough because she has to accompanied my abah every time he is awake in the middle of the night,sometimes they only sleep for 2 or 3 hours.

my prayers be with you abah.please get well soon.we love you.
we love you too mak



kenapa kamu sangat lawak?

haha..it's so funny to know the fact that you are affected by me even though you won't admit it.oh dear,how do i put things into words so that you could understand that it never affected me and i don't give a damn of it.u add me through facebook then when i accepted your request,you deleted me.

haha.please know that i accepted you for two reasons:
1. i am really tired of this and i want to put a stop to it.like seriously.
2. this is not our fight at all my dear.

please accept that fact.i don't care at all.i don't even know you.get a life will you?i have my own life now and i don't have time to bother your life because it has nothing got to do with me anymore.come on,don't be childish,please act like grown ups.this is so lame.oh i forgot,you are still young.still adik-adik and you didn't go through what i've been through before.so enjoy your sweet life as you can =)

kenapa ek?you takut i stalk you ke?haha.FYI,i have better things to do.i don't have any intention to stalk you and keep track of you because it's your life so to hell with it.

so adik,tolong la faham yang aku tak hingin pon nak add kamu kalau kamu tak add.it's ok,go on with your life and don't ever add me again because it's not funny and it's not cute main2 macam budak2 walaupon kamu memang budak2.tapi aku da besar ok?

have a good life lady =)
god bless




today isn't my day at all.my left eye is infected.it becomes watery and itchy like hell.i couldn't open my eye at that time and i can still feel the discomfort.it started in the morning after my first class and it became worse during my second class.i was like crying.cammy and rose asked me to go to clinic for check up.at first i think it was ok,just a normal discomfort of wearing lenses but then it became worse.i couldn't even open my eyes and the tears keep rolling down..macam menangis like seriously.

i asked rose to send me back so that i could take off my lens and change to spec.but then the feeling of discomfort is still there so i decided to go to clinic.we went to az-zahra since it's going to be FOC.thank god i just have to wait for a while..nak di jadikan cerita i met my students there.FYI,mereke2 tak pernah tengok aku pakai spec.they might not have the idea that i wear lens all these while.hehe.they looked shocked and keep on asking why.i just smile.haha.

the doc said it was good for me to take early action..if not,it'll become worst and i might lost my vision which is sangat menakutkan.the doc is very nice.i was advised not to wear lens for two weeks or until my left eye is ok.i have to change my lens even though the one i am using is still new *sigh*

i was given some meds but no medical leave since i refused to have one.hehe..so much of wanting to still have class tonight but i have to cancel the class since my eye is still itchy adn watery.too bad!sorry dear students.

special thanks to rose chantek yang bawak aku pegi klinik because i couldn't drive at all.if not i don't know what will happen to my eye...million thanks.phewwwww....

so for two weeks,my students and colleagues gonna see me with my spec on.haha.