Al-Fatihah to Mejer Halim

i was on my way home when i got a text from pah saying that Ina's father passed away this morning.I'm so shocked and speechless.innalillah....

Ina is my friends back in high school.we are a group.i know her family because my abah knows her late dad.

Ina's mom passed away last 2 or 3 years.the fact makes me speechless and sad.after he lost of her mom, i know Ina was trying so hard to pick up the pieces again and start a new life with her dad and her lil brother Muin.now,there will only be Ina and Muin.gosh,i can't help it..i cry because i know that she's extremely sad n feel lost right now..to lost both of her parents,strength and guardian.

according to pah,Ina's dad was playing golf with Pah's led this morning and Ina's dad suddenly fell and passed away.it might be heart attack or something.

Ina,i hope u will be strong to face this fact.i wish i could be there with u.no matter what,i know both of your mom and dad are waiting for u there.i know that they are proud to have u and Muin as their child and i bet they know and hope u can take care of yourself and Muin..semoga mereka ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 yang beriman.amin..Al-Fatihah.
u will still have us,your friends if u have anything ok?



emotionally disturbed

i'm trying to be a better person for everybody attached in my life; be it my family,sunshine or friends.i know sometimes i tend to be pathetic but it wasn't what i planned it to be.trust me.i will change.i promise.

i love every person mentioned above.so much that sometimes i tend to hurt myself in order to make them happy and satisfied.i hurt emotionally not physically.

i really want to be selfish but i just couldn't.why can't i be selfish when they are being selfish to me?it's unfair.yes indeed.

my life is not as fabulous as i think it would be.

no matter where or how or when,i love them.honestly i am.

i know something is wrong somewhere with me but i just couldn't figure it out.



counting the days

well..my sister is getting married in less than one month.as a family,we have tons of things to settle up before the exact date.i'm done with my baju..haha..i like my baju soooooo much :)
thanx cikda sebab belanja me baju tu ye?

i know my sister is ecstatic yet nervous and looking forward for that day to come.i can see it in her eyes and  her actions.i know u will be a good wife sista!

my soon to be brother in law is doing good :)
welcome to our family soon! u have seen how crazy we are and get used to it ok?

hopefully this coming ceremony will run smoothly.
La,i pray for your happiness and may both of u have a wonderful journey ahead.i love u La!!