it's been a while since i wrote here.I've been very and extremely busy for the past few weeks especially during ramadhan.time flies so fast, i couldn't even feel the tiredness of fasting =)

to be frank,i have no raya feeling or mode this year.it might be due to the fact that i am already working.and the fact that i am busy marking exam papers,submission date for marks in d system and ISO documentation which caused headache.
one more thing, this is my 1st year to give duit raya instead of receiving duit raya.too bad..=(
everything is prepared on my own..plus duit zakat fitrah.no more depending on my parents or siblings.but it feels good to use my own money =)

we've been extremely busy receiving guests since the first day of raya.until today..raya kan..mesti la camtu.i'm happy.

i have a blessed raya.hopefully next year is a better one.
anyhoo,selamat hari raya everybody =)

gotta go

hugs n kisses;