what a day

herm...i met with an accident at the roundabout nearby my house yesterday on my way back home from the office.it happened in a blink of an eye.*terrible*

i was coming down from the dataran shah alam. i was on the left lane and there was a very shittyhead long green car next to me who was hesitating to go out of the lane into the roundabout.i thought he ( well,i guess the driver was a guy) was going out since like seriously kepala dah terjulur keluar sangat2 from the lane.the next second i realized was a BANG on my door on the driver's side.*screamed*..sangat tragik macam dalam filem.

then i stopped a bit to the front to avoid traffic jammed.the other car who banged on my car was a Kembara.she stopped as well.i asked her to stop at the street nearby my house. the first thing she asked me was "akak okay ke?did you hurt somewhere?"..i was having my 10minutes panic attack so did she.my heart was pumping so hard that i could hear it beating so loudly and i was shivering.the only answer i gave her was "akak okay tapi i had my panic attack i guess"..she also blamed the shittyhead long green car because the car was hesitating (damn i curse you green volvo because now i remember what car are you!!!!!!).

the first person i called was my sister because i was so blurred.then i called my husband since i'm not sure whether he was still in the office or on his was home.he was still in the office at that time and quickly rushed home. the girl called her fiancé and the next 10minutes he came.my bro in law and sister arrived the next 10minutes. i was still in shocked at that moment.so i told the whole lot of stories to them so did the girl.

the funny thing is the girl ingat i was a makcik who was going to fire her with curses.hahahahha..makcik la sangat dik!

then my husband arrived.he talked to the girl's fiancé and a call man who happened to be the girl's fiancé ex colleague since that guy used to be a call man before.we settle the things there and i was so thankful that everything went well.takut jugak la since i was alone and there were some guys including the girl and her friend before my bro in law, sister and husband arrived.

me, my husband and bro in law went to nearby police station to lodge a report.i took a freaking 3 hours before i can lodge my report (kepada IPD tersebut, silalah turunkan Piagam Pelanggan anda yang menyatakan bahawa pelanggan akan di layan dalam tempoh masa 30 minit.what a shame!). so after lodging the report and some investigation, it was said to be my fault.yes i admit it was my fault legally but not logically (hantu betol volvo hijau tu!)

we arrived home near 11pm and i was so freaking tired. haih,what a day! i accept all those as HIS test.so SABAR!!!!

but i was thankful that i was okay without any injury.i know HE was protecting me sebab everytime pon akan baca doa.kereta boleh hantar workshop and baiki tapi aku tak sanggup nak masuk workshop untuk dibaiki..ALHAMDULILLAH~~

moral of the story, jangan keluar kalau kereta kat sebelah is hesitating.baik pegi langgar je kereta tu :P

and i am blessed to have a very wonderful hubby who is there for me all the time.nasib baik tak kena marah..dah takut kena marah.he said that it was a test from HIM so he asked me to be sabar. *oh terharu*

i love you hubby.thank you.