being me

being me is so complicated.i don't need people to understand me.i don't even understand myself some of the times.

my life revolves around all kind of people.that makes it hard for me to please each and everyone.but i don't think i need to please them in order to satisfy them.i have better things to do.i only want to please those i think would worth them.

some people could be so childish even if they claimed themselves as professional.owh people,please get a freaking life because you are better than that though.
sometimes,i get so sick of them that i wish i could kick their ass off the world.seriously people,you deserved that.

but i am thankful that there are still few people in my life who cheer me up through thick and thin.i have my darling hubby,my lovely family,my beautiful besties and wonderful friends.thank you for putting a smile on my face whenever you are around.loving everybody to bits :)

my darling hubby

my lovely parents

my lovely siblings

my lovely in laws

my beautiful besties

my beautiful besties

my beautiful besties

the complicated yours truly :p




we woke up early today.haha.memang patut pon sebab my MIL is here already.pagi2 dah dengar bunyi2 kat dapur,so being a good DIL that i am (ok,sila jangan baca) i woke up and helped her preparing for breakfast.today we have many people at home exclude my FIL who went back to kampung to see nenek n atok.we have abg saril and kak faizah, also akmal n umairah.

after breakfast we went to OU for a movie with his colleagues n their wives.we watched Gulliver's Travel.it was good though because i used to learn about Gulliver's Travel back then in IIUM (it's either English Literature or American Literature i couldn't recall :p). Jack Black's version of GT was hilarious indeed.we had our good time watching it.after the movie we went to buy Cinnabon since hubby mengidam nak makan that thing and went straight home. sampai umah memang la langkah kanan sebab they were having their lunch at home.sodap betol MIL masak..ada sambal sotong (sangat extra hot sebab baru tiga suap dah rasa sakit perut), sayur and ikan tuna masak asam.me n hubby ate like there's no tomorrow (macam tak biasa pulak sebab yours truly ni memang suka sambal yang pedas).

the best part was we felt asleep after that but my hubby slept first..cisss macam mana nak kurus ni sayang?being health concious that i am so i waited until 45 minutes after the lunch (health concious la sangat cik tim!!).sodap tidoq lepas lunch..mari membina perut wahai rakan2.

those were things that we did today.now i just lepak in front of TV accompanying MIL tengok AJL..hehehehe..

till then..muahss



fabulous new year yauuuu :p

wow..how time flies.it's 2011 people!!!

2010 marked many changes in my life.i could say that 2010 was a challenging year for me to go through.bittersweet year indeed.

it has been a year since my life changed 360 degrees.i'm glad i've chosen this path instead of the other.i couldn't be happier :)

year 2010 witnessed me hating the people i love which i now regret so bad.i know they love me that was why they did what they did.

year 2010 also witnessed me being a wife to Mr. Shaiful Anuar.a man who never fails to make me happy and the one i could lean on to through thick and thin.he's my best friend,my good listener, my partner in crime, my laughing partner and my awesome hubby.

well...2010 also welcomed 2 new adorable babies in may family, Uwais Zariff and Nur Quzandria Elfeera.they are two beyond cute babies.

hopefully 2011 will be nice to me..to us.let's pray so that this new year brings happiness to all of us.

this is how we celebrated our new year :)

31/12/2010 ( Section 4, Shah Alam)

BBQ-ing at new house yauuu


1/1/2011 (Tasik Shah Alam)

elfee yang excited

he wanted to play like the grown ups

mengada2 with paksu

sister n bro in law

(On our way to Keramat)

yours truly :)


hubby shayang

yours truly AGAIN :)

introducing the new babies of our family....

Uwais Zariff

us with uwais bambam

Nur Quzandria Elfeera

this picture was taken minutes after delivery,fresh from oven :)

lots of love throughout the year;