oopsie daisy

it hits you on your face is it?ngeheee..sorry i didn't mean to be cruel but i really need to put a stop to it.i hate to fight.

FYI,it was and it is our fight,don't drag other people.

i don't want to fight anymore,i am tired.i need a break.i need to live in a peaceful life.i know u are too.shall we?



some people

it's so pathetic to know that you never changed though we have been through a new direction of life.please stop being childish because it's not cute anymore.it's pathetic.please act like the grown ups because it is what we are now.i know u really want to get over it but it seems that you are taking a wrong way.

it's so funny to know that at one point you put me on the list then you put me off the list but now you are trying to take thing another way around?it might not be you but it turns me off.i'm not some kind of toy which you can play around with.come on,pretty please.

it's so sad to know that there are many people who are so annoying.they tend to make you piss off with their attitude.they like to live in a life full of curses.i don't like to curse people but if u deserve my curse,that is what you are going to get.

oh come on people...get a fucking life!




it's thursday already.can't wait for tomorrow.gonna meet somebody i missed.i have lots of plans for weekend.going to accompany my sis at putrajaya.going for a date (i think more than 1),going to have wonderful breakfast,lunch and dinner.i'm excited :D

all of the tasks are finished except for emailing the exam questions to the RP.sorry but i have so many things to do.will do that ASAP.

today i have a very pack timetable.i have class from 930am until 5pm with 1 hour break.my mood is not good either because i was so freakin' tired.too bad...

but anyhoo,i'm going to enjoy and treasure my weekend.



signed, sealed, delivered

the title has nothing got to do with this entry.lmao!!!!

i have so many things to be done before thursday.lists are as follows:

1. invigilate EPT ---> done!
2. mark the EPT answer scripts ---> done!
3. set up the exam questions ---> done!
for foundation semester 1
4. key in the EPT marks ---> tomorrow (19/5/10)
5. submit the exam questions ---> tomorrow (19/5/10)

FINALLY!!!fuhhhhh,sangat lega.after tomorrow,i can just focus on lecturing.on weekend i'll pamper myself with fun,fun,triple fun and more fun!Let's PARTYYYYYYY! *woot woot*

i'm effin happy now =)




haha..that is so frrrreakin' funny.why i just realized that now?uber funny!


p.s:i love you

i always love reading p.s i love u novel,since i was in matric if i'm not mistaken.i've read that novel for 3 times already because it's so sweet.
today i got the chance to watch the movie version.hilary swank n gerald butler..gosh i love the movie too sebab gerald butler sangat hunky n sweet n handsome.
after i read the novel and watched the movie,it got me thinking.is there any guy like that?whose willling to do whatever that guy did.haih,i don't think so and if there's any that guy might not be mine kot.haha.but if i'll get that kind of guy,i'll be the most happy and thankful.but i don't want the part that he dies at the early age and left me alone.hahahhahaha.
hopefully 'he' is like that.ngeheeeee



ngeeeheeeeee =)

boring so this is what i did.camwhoring.lmao

actually i was laughing and giggling with jijie and erin.we were camwhoring using webcam.haha.this is what we do best.



i'm having a good weekend lazing at home but then it's pretty bored.just surfing the net and eat.but i managed to upload pixies in FB which is very good because it took me forever to do that.haha.

i might lepak with ct tonight but kena tunggu ct roger dulu sebab ct kerja.mayb dia letih.tomorrow i'm going to accompany my sister at putrajaya.she'll be alone at home since my bro in law will go cycling at Langat.

i miss lepaking with ct n my other friends.i miss them terribly.
i miss my family.it would be very good if i am at home now.
i miss my baby elfee,i know he misses his maksu too.
i miss going out alone,driving which brings me nowhere or just to some place i love.
i miss everything.

pity me;


pity u

i just read somebody's blog.somebody i know even though i met her once and heard about her a few times.

i pity her..so bad..because she falls for him.i know it's her right but she should know the true colour of him.too bad it's too late.i think by now she is awake.congrats to you even though i used to hate u.but then i know how it feels like.

i know he can be very sweet to you,you will love to be with him but then what's the point?he left u.
that girl did mention that the guy used to be very sweet,held her hand,cuddled her,gave her promises,said he loves her and wanted to spend his time with her and even kissed her but then he changed and fell for another girl and didn't even bother about that pity girl.i know she's devastated and extremely sad and felt cheated.
to the guy : SHAME ON YOU!

p/s: i know i'm not a good person and i am not perfect but i learn from my mistakes and i do change but that guy didn't seem to change.it's like he wanted to revenge because of his history and experience.too bad.
i pray to Allah so that HE will open your heart to change and appreciate those around u because u'll never know when are you going to lose them.aminnn..may Allah open my heart so that i will change for the betterment.AMINNNN...