morning world.hope today will be a good day for everyone.put smile on ur face people =)
gotta go somewhere today and will upload lotsa pixie later.
i'm happy today.simply because i want to be happy and i am happy and because i have bubbly little elfee by myside.love u darling.



wake up call

something happened last weekend.i refused to think about it and what more to write it here.it was like a wake up call for me.suddenly i realize,i can go on with this,i am strong enough.period.

so now i'm going to go on with my life, be happy and chill out.
yippie yay!

i have one good news and one bad news

GOOD NEWS: i got a new handphone.double yippie.
BAD NEWS : i might suffer from depression (it was what my doc said because i do have the symptoms such as migraines,easily lose weight,hardly sleep at night and unstable appetite). but i will make sure that i will get over it and i won't get any close to depression.macam meroyan la pule :p

but i'm a bit scared,i do get my migraine so frequent lately like twice a week which i know is not good for me.



13th January 2010

this morning i was getting ready to go to work.suddenly i heard the door bell rang twice.at first i thought it was from the newspaper guy but then it kept on ringing.then aunty went down.after that i heard aunty screamed for my name.i only heard my name was being called and a word 'kereta'.i was so freaked out.i thought my car went missing.then i heard aunty said "ct,cermin kereta ct kena pecah"...

then i ran down and checked my car.owh my God,the window on the driver's side was all cracked adn there's a hole.i checked inside to make sure if anything went missing.but my GPS was still there,so did the coins inside the box.i think that person tried to steal the car.i was so thankful because i can always replace the window but i just can't imagine if my car went missing.NOOOOOO!

then me and wyna went to balai polis bandar seri putra for some report.though nothing went missing,i still need to report it so that no more cases happen in this area.and mine was the first case there.so while doing the report,that policeman asked me many questions such as do i have any enemies,any suspect and so on.how am i suppose to have an enemy when i know nobody there.then i told wyna,the only enemy i have could be my students..hahahah..just joking =)
then the police asked me to bring the car to balai polis kajang which i don't know where it is and the fact that we have to drive that car and ruin all the evidence is so nonsense.but they didn't know that i'm staying with ketua polis brickfields.hahaha.uncle was so mad at them because they were so stupid.only then they know then they came to the house and investigate the case.there was some blood stain at the door so there might be some evidence la.but i know it will be so damn hard to catch that person.so the police just did their duty and then came another police from kajang to investigate,then again i was being asked so many questions.at that time i felt like i was the criminal.hahahah..never had such experienced being asked or interrogated by police =)
so the police promise will check this area more frequently than before.haa,tau takot dengan uncle.

then aunty drove my car and asked uncle's staff to replace the window and whatnot while aunty and uncle went to IJN for physiotherapy.me,wyna and wany went to melawati and settled down GC's office.i had fun with them.at least i can forget my problem for a while.we went home at 10pm.

haih,this is not a good start for 2010 though..i feel down already.at this time,i really need sunshine to be with me and give me support because i just need him to be with me.i just don't know why.the feeling is more stronger today.i feel sad.i miss him.

i told my sisters.then kak baya called me.she asked me about that matter.then she told me that she didn't go to sabah due to my dad's condition.he's getting worse.he says many things which make my sister feel uncomfortable to leave him.who knows something happen when my sister is in sabah.we don't want that to happen but we never know right?so just be alert and aware.i'm so worried.i just don't know what to do.ireally want to go home.so badly.Ya Allah,i know all of these things are in your hand,but please not now.i'm just not ready.

why there are so many things happened to me lately.i'm not questioning my fate but did i do anything wrong sampai Allah uji aku macam ni?Ya Allah,make me a stronger person.aminnn..




today would be my busiest day for every week.i have class starting from 930am up to 7pm.i only have 30minutes for lunch which makes me so tired and exhausted.actually i should be doing the timetable yesterday and today but since the HOD is on medical leave,me and the other committee can't do anything.so i was able to attend all the classes for today.

today i was assigned to teach foundation students for the new semester.what bothered me was,the new semester for foundation students will start in 2 or 3 weeks around but i still have diploma classes to teach.i am not a robot for god sake :s

so there you go tim,teaching non stop.i'm thinking of taking few days leave during the semester break but since i have to teach foundation students,it seems like i have to cancel that plan.too bad :/
haih,hopefully i won't be teaching during semester 3.herm..too many things to do yet so little time left.

owh yaaaa,they are having this invigilation week in which the senior lecturers will be invigilating the new and junior lecturers.some of the SL already told the JL whom they will invigilate but some did not which is a bit unfair because i might not know when is my unlucky day and who'll be invigilating me.hopefully i'll get my HOD because he's a bit easy going compared to others even though i don't like the HOD that much.geeeheeee....it's like love and hate relationship said masitah :D
but the thing is,i've dome teaching and what i do most of the time in classes now is revision and activities.so how is the SL going to invigilate me then?they should do this at the beginning of the semester when we have tons to teach,not nowwww!anyhoo,hopefully i'll be just fine.insyaallah...

so that is it..will update later.



In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle of cancer and the ones who continue to conquer it! Put this on your page if you know someone who has or had cancer ♥ . 93% won't copy and paste this, will you?

blogging =)

it seems like i blog a lot lately.maybe this is the only way for me to let go all my feelings.i'm not good in voicing out my thought or feeling.so i choose this way.i feel free to write everything that i feel like writing.nobody can stop me.

i know somehow i need somebody to talk to.my family won't stand on my side,not my bestie either.i don't know why.they think that i am happy with the decision that i was forced to make.the truth is i am not.i know that i should let them know about this but there is no use.they won't listen.it ends up with me crying alone.it is very hurt.especially to think that those who are close to you will stand on your side but they are not.i have to somehow let them happy when the fact that i am not.so sad.

but i have a friend who never failed to bagi nasihat,sokongan,time and listen to everything that i want to say.thank you ct.this mean a lot to me.i really treasure out friendship.u are my other bestie.i love u buddy =)

it doesn't mean that i do not treasure my other friendship but they won't understand my situation.my other bestie is already on somebody's side so what's the point of sharing when u know she'll never understand or stand on your side right?
i really appreciate all of my friends but some of them are not the type that u can tell every single thing.but i love them though.

i don't know how to put things into words when it comes to talking.so lets blogging do the rest.so when there is a time nobody listens to me or understands me,i will blog.it's far more better than telling those who can speak,listen and have brain.even though my blog takan bagi nasihat or kata-kata semangat but i know deep down inside my heart,i feel better.this is my other way to enjoy myself nad be happy.




i was sick since the past two weeks.my body become weaker each day.at first i had migraine then flu followed with fever.now i'm coughing like hell.i don't know why.i've taken my medicine but nothing change.

it might be due to the problem that i'm facing right now.i just don't know.my life is up side down right now.everything is f***** up.i wish this matter could end as soon as possible.i'm afraid if i can't handle this problem.i don't know what will happen then.hopefully i'll be strong.