oh interviews..

i just arrived home from OCBC interview and lepak time at klcc with aman.it's a good catch-up session and i missed spending time with my friends.
owh ya..my interview went smoothly and i'm no longer nervous..haha..
if i'm selected,the lady from HR (Pn.Norhana) will call me from the second interview.
i got another interview this Friday..and insyaallah i will meet aman again for a movie.actually i'm getting tired of going to the interviews but i still have to go and try my best.hopefully i manage to secure a job ASAP.

i went to klcc after the interview and i was like a jakun being there.da lama tak p klcc,the last time i went there was during Ramadhan with ct and amed for buka posa.i was like "hey.kat cni pon ada this shop ke?"haha..tIm and her jakunness.it's not my fault pon..i'm in shah alam and i'm not gonna travel all the way from shah alam to klcc for the sake of nak lepak2.kat shah alam pon i can lepak2 too.but i like jusco bukit tinggi,not many people and many choices of brands which i like.so no need to go all the way to kl just for shopping and lepak2 kan?

anyhoo,i enjoy myself today an i'm supertired!



PTD..haih..i know i will never gonna make it!

da lama tak update this blog.i was kinda busy with the exam,interviews and baby-sitting.herm..my life is miserable but i'm loving it.

i went back to kedah last thursday for the exam.i was late for my flight but luckily the flight was delayed due to the unknown reason.ala..biasa la Airasia :)
d 50minutes journey was bored because i was all alone.nasib baik kejap ja if not i'll be dead dlm flight tu.i arrived at 545pm and my bro in law with d little kiddos were already there.
the next day was ok for me because i had the chance to spend some times with the kiddos and sisters. i did some revision tapi halfway da tido because i was so sleepy and the fact that i have to read pasal politics,perlembagaan and stuff buat aku lagi nak tido :)

the exam was on saturday.i arrived 10minutes late and they were about to start.i missed the part yang ketua pengawas tu bagi instruction.how bad!luckily i have the courage to ask a lady about what should i do and write.haha..bad bad tim!before i start my first paper,i had the chance to have a look around the hall and the people inside the hall..and i saw that girl.OMG,she was there too.my old time enemy during school year.there was my junior at primary school too but i hardly remember her name.the first paper was ok because i did read,ingat dgn tak ingat je..hehehe..

the second part was BM essay and it was so and so.what do u expect.the last time i did my Bm essay was during SPM.the third paper was english essay.it was ok.i did on security cameras thingy.luckily i did remember about the cases and i have quite a lot of ideas about it.
the fourth part was fucked up.it was on mathematics and logic.damn it..how was i supposed to answer 40 Qs in 45minutes.i'm not a GENIUS la.the Qs were ok,not that hard but the time given that matters.and the fact that i never like maths during school time make it worst..geee..i should encourage my kids to love maths or else they will end up like their dumb mom..haha!

the last paper was on comprehension.it was ok.but over all i know that i will never gonna make it to the next step.it was hard to be listed in plus with hundreds of people taking the exam and i know most of them are brilliant than me :)
but i did give it a try kan.so let's just hope and pray.

so..tomorrow i will have another interview.hopefully everything run smoothly.da penat la..

btw,sunshine gave me a perfume and i love it so much.thanks sayang.i love u so much!

hugs and kisses;


considering and thinking

guess what?me and jaa secured a place at TM..we were told right after the interview.i was 50-50 whether to accept it or reject it.

herm..i woke up at 545am yesterday..yeah very early ok!then i went out from home at 645am and managed to catch a train at 7am.there were thousand of people..yeah trust me..the train was very packed.i mean it!
i arrived at kl sentral around 750am and made my way to meet jaa.we had our breakfast and chit chatting for a bit.then at 845am we went to kerinchi by putra LRT.we were kinda lost..haha..because we didn't know where the hell is the building.we just walked and finally arrived there safe and sound.

after we went to the office,we were told to wait at the waiting area where there were about 3 people also waiting for the interview. they were nice and friendly.we waited about half and hour before that guy who was in charged to brief us and told us some tips here and there.

after that 6 of us were told to get ready for the interview .yeah,it was a group interview but i didn't even know about it until that guy told us.haih..
herm..i was the first to be interviewed ok!it went well and they did ask me why did i quit from MTS.i told them everything and it went on until the last person.ok..me and jaa were ok with the interview.i was a bit nervous..a bit only.i think jaa too felt the same way.other girls looked so confident.i was like "ok,they know how to speak well"..but then when there were their turn to speak i'm so shocked to know that they did not know how to speak English..owh ya,the interview was conducted in english.pity them but they did understand what the interviewers said.

then after the interview we were told to wait again.after that a lady came and told us that we were in except for a girl.pity her.we had to sit for a typing test,excel test and MCQ test of English,BM,maths and what not.it took us about one hour to completed the test.

we finished everything there at 3pm.me and jaa went straight to Mid valley to meet aman.yay..misses her so much.we took our lunch and watched bride wars.it like it..love it..
and thanx to aman for the movie treat.

we went home after the movie because it was 7pm and i was supertired and exausted.but i had fun with my friends.

that was how my day was yesterday..and i'm still thinking whether to accept the job or not.the job will take place at Semua House jalan TAR and the paid is not high.if i do accept it,i have to start training on next monday.freaking early.demit..i had book a flight ticket on the 19th.shit.i dunno..i have to think wisely and deeply.keep thinking tIm.

till then...



something to share

it's quite a while since i update my blog.i was sooo busy doing nothing.lalalala

hey,i just check somebody's blog just now and i figured out that she's engaged to my old time crush..haha..how wonderful was that?herm..anyhow,have a wonderful journey ahead to both of them..naaa,it was just a crush back then.no heart feeling pon!

herm..busy looking for a new job.i'm bored satying home and i need a new job ASAP.it's not that i'm regreting on my decision to leave MTSS but i'm so wanted to work.having my own paycheck..etc..etc..

owh yaa..i've booked a flight ticket to my hometown for the PTD exam thingy.hey,guess what..few of my friends pon dpt.yay! good luck to us yaa..friends,study laaa!

i'm missing my other half so badly.the fact that i didn't meet him for about 3months make it worst.i miss u sayang.planing to meet him when i'm in kedah soon.

herm..i have an interview with jaa and sasa this thursday at TM Bangsar.hopefully everything will run smoothly and hopefully i won't get too nervous and speechless..i tend to lose my word and vocab when i'm nervous ok!

till then..will update later aligator




i'm so blessed to have many friends in my life.Alhamdulillah,they were there for me during my up and down,happy and sorrow.i really appreciate what they did to me,in terms of help and support.yeah,without them my life would be empty and meaningless.they are the most important person in my life besides my family and my sunshine.

there were times when we had some arguments but later we apologized and compromised..dear friends,i really treasure the moments we spent together and i will make sure that we will always be friends forever.

so,dear friends near or far..thank you for being such good friends to me.love you guys to bits.hope to see you guys ASAP no matter how or where.

p/s:i will upload some pix of my happy moment with my friends ya!

hugs,kisses and love;



hey..today is my first day to be unemployed again..lalala...i know d feeling is weird bcoz i used to wake up at 630am and today i did wake up at that particular time without realizing that i'm no longer working.anyhow,looking at the bright side,i have some time to spend with elfee and my mum at home which is a good thing.but,on the bad side, i'm so wanna find a new job.i can't just stay at home and do nothing bcoz i have to earn something kan?my friends da byk yg keja..no way i'm gonna stay home and wish that the money will fall from nowhere kan?

hermm..so..while i do nothing at home,i have some free time to upload some pics..old and new pics.