some people keep on asking me why i didn't make my blog public.well, it's not that i don't want to make it public,if i do i'll simply make my blog private.it's just that i don't think it's necessary for me.blogging is just a way for me to put everything i feel into words because i'm suck at bursting it out orally.i rather keep quiet.

so for those who know that i have a blog, they know la.for those who don't, just let them read other blogs because mine is not that WOWW pon.lol

but i do love blog walking.awwww, it's such a therapy for me :)

this is what i look like whenever i do blog walking.ngeheee,excited.by the way, the pelamin at the back is gorgeous :)



my poor baby kicap

damn..i met with an accident this morning.i was so shocked.me n mr.hubs were on our way back home from pasar.at one of the freaking roundabout in S.Alam,ada la satu hamba Allah ni bawak motor.semakin my hubs ke tepi makin dia himpit our car.my hubs ke tepi lagi n there he was again himpit our car.then the next thing we knew dia dah kiss pintu kereta aku.OMG..memang la aku terkejut kan.i asked my hubs to stop in front sebab mamat tu dah jatuh motor tengah2 jalan (gosh,i really wanna pray that one car could just hit him right at that moment..akan ku ceritakan kenapa)

dah mr hubs berhenti kat tepi aku pon jenguk la keluar tingkap..damnnnnn my baby dah teruk kena calar and berlekuk kat pintu.banyak okayyyyyy!i was so mad macam nak keluar kereta maki that freakinglittleshittyman.my hubs tunggu tepi kereta sebab dekat roundabout kan,so tunggu dia bangun and once dia dah bangun and naik motor my hubs panggil dia, ingat dia nak berhenti kat sebelah but dia terus bawak motor and gave us an innocent grin.goshhhhhhhhh..kau memang la manusia!!!sebab kau salah kan manusia!!! i curse u for the rest of your life dude! i was so freaking mad.kurang ajar punya mangkuk!

my hubs cakap dia macam mamat i***n yang macam lalok..yes indeed dia nampak sangat lalok.i can still picture his grin.rasa macam nak g koyak mulut dia!!!!!!!!!!!!! SETANNNNNNNN!!!

haihhh..apala nasib.my baby baru ja back in shape semalam after god knows how long dia tak berapa in good condition.poor you baby.i promise once i have extra money i'll make you pretty again.sorry for hurting u baby!! *sob sob*

huuu..overall damage.damn u dude!

excuse the kotorness okay :D

ni sebab kena handle motor bongok tu!