what a shame

shame on u for letting others down.
shame on for giving false hope
shame on u for blaming others
shame on u for being childish
shame on u of being good for nothing
what a big shame.

this is just what i feel.take it or leave it.u'll have to face and bare all the consequences.




i have so many things to be done before next week.so many things yet so little time.why we only have 24hours a day, not 48 instead?hehehehe..i know it's too much =)

lately i was down with terrible migraine.i took all the medications needed to heal it but nothing change.i felt like i wanted to take off my head and smashed it to the wall.yes,to that extend. i'm sick of being sick.i had a thought of getting CAT scan or MRI or whatever u may call it.but i'm scared.seriously.i just wasn't prepared for what might come out.yeah,being me i do think too much.
last week, i went to sooka sentral right away from my office just to see the doctor who used to have a clinic in shah alam.too bad he has now moved to sooka sentral.but thinking of how strong his medicine would be,i just go.i just don't care anymore.he said it might due to the weather nowadays but i doubt it.it was way too hurt to bare.he just gave me the medicine and ask me to see him again if my migraine is getting worse.i would say that my migraine is getting ok,ok in a sense that i don't get it everyday like i used to.i would have my migraine if i skip my medicine..which i normally did.it's not that i did it on purpose,being human being i tend to forget =)

but Alhamdulillah..i'm getting ok and hopefully this will last long.

but then i'm now having problem with my ears in which it affects my hearing sometimes and it annoys me most of the time.my oh my..please,again i would stress that i'm sick of being sick.
haih,i just want to lead a normal life,just like other people.but i couldn't be more than thankful to have a beautiful family who will always support me and be with me every time and i am thankful to still breath in this world.Alhamdulillah.thank you Allah.




i just arrived home from PD.the weekend was fun with my family around.but my headache was killing me every second.it never stop me from having fun though.

the weekend was about going around in the car.we went to melaka first to fetch my niece and nephew.we had our lunch at my sister's house.
then we went to PD.check in at EPF's apartment.the room was better than before.the scenery was awesome.then we went all the way from PD to Umbai for dinner which is..urm..wasting time.hahahha.but we had fun n gobbled down the food like there's no tomorrow.owh,kak zu's family also was there so double fun =)

after that we headed back to the apartment and sleep.hahahahaha.i woke up at 8 in the morning today and after everybody had waken up,we headed down to the sea and bedebushhhhhhhhhhhhh..jumped into the sea =)

i really had fun.seriously.then after we sent my niece and nephew, we went for dinner at Jeram kuala selangor.sangat jalan2 cari makan okay!

triple happy.i'm blessed...


i keep thinking about what happened to me.i mean my migraine is getting worst.i'm scared.seriously.sangat takot even to go for check up,enough to know that i have bad migraine.i'm not prepared to anything worst..but if that is what my fate is,i'll accept it wholeheartedly.



^dirty little secret^

i just don't know how.or why.or what.or when.it hurts but it makes me smile somehow.

much lov3;