it's been a while since i wrote here.I've been very and extremely busy for the past few weeks especially during ramadhan.time flies so fast, i couldn't even feel the tiredness of fasting =)

to be frank,i have no raya feeling or mode this year.it might be due to the fact that i am already working.and the fact that i am busy marking exam papers,submission date for marks in d system and ISO documentation which caused headache.
one more thing, this is my 1st year to give duit raya instead of receiving duit raya.too bad..=(
everything is prepared on my own..plus duit zakat fitrah.no more depending on my parents or siblings.but it feels good to use my own money =)

we've been extremely busy receiving guests since the first day of raya.until today..raya kan..mesti la camtu.i'm happy.

i have a blessed raya.hopefully next year is a better one.
anyhoo,selamat hari raya everybody =)

gotta go

hugs n kisses;


a week holiday =D

yippie yay...finally i managed to have a one week holiday due to H1N1.it's not that i'm happy because many students got infected by that disease but the fact that i am actually dapat cuti seminggu tu yang happy sangat.i rarely enjoying my weekends so this is a chance of a lifetime.nanti bila students on their semester break pon i still have t come to work :s

so..what did i do for 1 week?lepak..tido..makan and play with my nephew.yes..really made my day.

gotta go..will update later okay



busy :s

it's been a month since i worked in SIIUC..gosh,i'm restless.since then, i never experienced good weekend, what more weekdays.i am in need of a good rest la.seriously.
i haven't had free time to update my blog and if i do have some free time,i am sooo malas to update.

okay...this place is kinda..erk..how should i put it..erm.. a bit unexpected la.everything is possible here.luckily my colleagues had informed me earlier the situation of this holy place.so,tak la i terkejut sgt.

i missed my mak n family back in Kedah.i think i only manage to be home again during raya.it's a long way to go walaupon time flies so fast nowadays.

next month gonna be triple busy because the students gonna have their revision period and final examinations.i bet i have to make back up class because it's no way for me to finish the syllabus when my class is like a class full of sponges.trust mw,they really take everything u say or teach without wanting to ask or answer my Qs.they don't participate in class.they rather don't understand what i teach than asking me for explanation. so i'm trying my best to make things simple and understandable.hopefully i'm gonna make it through.

till then..need to sleep.i have to wake up early tomorrow :s




after a long hiatus..here i am writing on sunday evening after having fried rice and nescafe.really made my day.i have lots of things to write until i forgot some of them.haha.

owh ya..about my new job.now i work as a junior lecturer at Selangor International Islamic University College @ KUIS.i teach English there.as expected, there are many IIUM grads there. i recognize some of them. it happens to be that i am the youngest lecturer there.
this is my first experience of teaching but i think i'm doing good and heading to the right path :)
i'm still adapting to the new environment and teaching life.i have 24 credit hours to teach every week and by the end of the day i am totally flat!my olleagues are helpful though i didn't have the opportunity to get to know them better except for the two lecturer, Cammy and Ros who i share the room with.

however...the students give me heart attack man!their English is very very poor.i think my nephews and nieces can do English and speak English better than my students.not to look down on them but it's for real man.one of my students have no basic of English.what a surprise kan?
due to that, i have to teach them basics of English again which is grammar when the fact that they should know it at least a bit.sadly :(

when i ask them in English, they will either answer in Bahasa or just drop their jaw because they don't understand what i am saying or asking.i ask one girl "how old are you" pon tatau nak jawab.weird la.. i wonder what they learned in high school.even if u were educated in sekolah agama pon u should at least faham simple2 English.kesian juga sometimes tapi tu la..i cannot spoon fed them every time.who will help them during exam?i hope i will be strong and patient enough throughout the days.

lately after working hours i will be flat.TOTALLY!i never knew teaching would be this hard.now baru nak pikir what i have done masa blajar dulu.kesian my lecturers.LOL!
i also have night class..aiyoo,penat la night class :s

now i stay at twins house.just nearby KUIS,3 minutes driving da sampai.

geee..nti i update lagi.i went blank already.



i'm blessed

my sister was married on 30th May and the kenduri was held on the 31st May.the kenduri of abg ameer side was on the 7th June.we are thankful that everything went well as planned.my sister is now happily married :D

after the kenduri in Kedah,i had high fever and was suffering for 4 days.luckily i was ok for the kenduri on abg ameer's side.my whole body aching due to the hard work during the kenduri but i had fun meeting with relatives and friends.to those who helped,thank you from our family and may Allah bless all of u.

i'll find the right time to upload the pixie because i'm a bit busy lately.owh ya,i'm busy preparing for my new job.Yippie Yayy!!!finally i managed to get a new job as a lecturer in KUIS situated in Bangi.i'm extremely happy and syukur of it.i'm thankful to have a very supportive family who are with me during my up n down.i'll start lecturing this Monday 15th June 2009.

but..i'm having some problems here.i have no idea where am i suppose to stay and how am i going to work.i have cousins there but the thing is i have no transport until i have my own car..i have to drive somehow..
i have friends who live nearby bandar sri putra but i'm not gonna bother them.takkan la nak saty rumah dia n ask her to drive me to work kan?herm..i know she won't mid but i do.so,i'm still thinking and thinking hard.hopefully i managed to get an answer by sunday so that i can happily go to work on monday.pray for me...

till then...



Al-Fatihah to Mejer Halim

i was on my way home when i got a text from pah saying that Ina's father passed away this morning.I'm so shocked and speechless.innalillah....

Ina is my friends back in high school.we are a group.i know her family because my abah knows her late dad.

Ina's mom passed away last 2 or 3 years.the fact makes me speechless and sad.after he lost of her mom, i know Ina was trying so hard to pick up the pieces again and start a new life with her dad and her lil brother Muin.now,there will only be Ina and Muin.gosh,i can't help it..i cry because i know that she's extremely sad n feel lost right now..to lost both of her parents,strength and guardian.

according to pah,Ina's dad was playing golf with Pah's led this morning and Ina's dad suddenly fell and passed away.it might be heart attack or something.

Ina,i hope u will be strong to face this fact.i wish i could be there with u.no matter what,i know both of your mom and dad are waiting for u there.i know that they are proud to have u and Muin as their child and i bet they know and hope u can take care of yourself and Muin..semoga mereka ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 yang beriman.amin..Al-Fatihah.
u will still have us,your friends if u have anything ok?



emotionally disturbed

i'm trying to be a better person for everybody attached in my life; be it my family,sunshine or friends.i know sometimes i tend to be pathetic but it wasn't what i planned it to be.trust me.i will change.i promise.

i love every person mentioned above.so much that sometimes i tend to hurt myself in order to make them happy and satisfied.i hurt emotionally not physically.

i really want to be selfish but i just couldn't.why can't i be selfish when they are being selfish to me?it's unfair.yes indeed.

my life is not as fabulous as i think it would be.

no matter where or how or when,i love them.honestly i am.

i know something is wrong somewhere with me but i just couldn't figure it out.



counting the days

well..my sister is getting married in less than one month.as a family,we have tons of things to settle up before the exact date.i'm done with my baju..haha..i like my baju soooooo much :)
thanx cikda sebab belanja me baju tu ye?

i know my sister is ecstatic yet nervous and looking forward for that day to come.i can see it in her eyes and  her actions.i know u will be a good wife sista!

my soon to be brother in law is doing good :)
welcome to our family soon! u have seen how crazy we are and get used to it ok?

hopefully this coming ceremony will run smoothly.
La,i pray for your happiness and may both of u have a wonderful journey ahead.i love u La!!


family day

owh ya..last weekend me and my family went to my bro-in-law's office family day.it was fun.i had fun.we enjoyed every little time there and the fact that we could spent some times together and released whatever burden inside our head is the best part.we stayed at Glory Beach Resort.it was ok la sebab tido semalam je kat sana.so it was not a big deal at all.

elfee had his best time played with water as he loves to play with water no matter where he goes.i know he had fun with the fact that he was the central of attraction there.hahaha.

our family was the dorkiest group there.we cheered up,laughed,giggled and did whatever possible to make that family day the best time for us if not for the rest of the peeps.

we have hilarious activities and i tell u,we took part of 1 activity and the rest of the day we spent with photography session and play at the playground.hahaha.

people at the playground were staring at us as if we were nut because we did crazy posed and we laughed out so loud.hahaha.

i'm have blast there.thanx abg anip :)

loving each time;


oh thanks neway!

yes..I'm still in the process of job hunting,interviewing and stuff.so what?maybe it's not my rezeki yet.i still get monthly allowance form my sister and you don't have the right to judge me or give a pathetic opinion because i don't need 'em.thanks!btw,I've worked before and i think it's ok for me to relax and pamper myself before i work and do the same routine when i start working.i don't mind.seriously..

herm..there are some people who questions my staying home and do nothing after 6 months of graduating.hellO,mind your own business la,don't bother to think FOR me because i will never appreciate that!get it?I'm not staying home and do nothing,i do house chores what?a practice for future life..hahaha..and i get paid for that!!and one more thing,i never ask u for loan of anything.u are nobody to me,not my family.u r just my friend..not even close.
FYI,u are not a good friend because if u are a good friend,u will console me and encourage me to try and to be patient.get it?
so..to HELL with u!

yes..i really need a job ASAP because i think i should start working by now but as i said before,maybe bukan rezeki aku lagi.tak kan la aku nak p merayu so that people will give me a job.i'm not that desperate KOT!!



gosh..u should let me know at d first place!

finally i managed to get thru my sayang yesterday *grin*..he's been busy with his final reports and stuff.ookayyyyyyy..but at least u should just lemme know kan?

know what?...i checked his myspace only to find out that he met with an accident last month around march d 10th.he was with haikal during that accident and they bump into a girl who rode racklessly.gosh..he did even let me know about it.his reason is "i don't want u to be worried.i'm ok"...

of course i'm worried for god sake.belakang dia luka and kinda bad.haikal too.owh..how i wish i could just fly to him the second he told me the whole bunch of story.i'm sad.yes,honestly..

it is as if i'm nobody to him.yes,no doubt that he don't want me to be worried of his condition.BUT i need to know that.rasa cam..urghhhh..


pls sayang..don't do that ever again.it hurts me to know that u r sick.



achy breaky heart

have u ever missed somebody that it hurts and your heart aching like hell..*sigh*

yes,i missed him a lot but it seems like he's busy with his work and what not.haven't been able to reach him for 2 or 3 weeks.it sucks :(

i keep on reminding myself that he's busy with his study,let alone his final is just around the corner but i couldn't help from feeling neglected.haih..it's hard to be far from each other.i try to be positive but i couldn't feel better.i wish i could hear  his voice for a simple hello.i couldn't ask for more!

seriously, i missed u!

God, help me to control this feeling and make me a stronger person..

much love;



wow..it seems like the level of my malasness to update this blog is increasing.haha.it has been a month since i update and i have lots of things to jot down and share.

last three weeks,erm..on friday(a day after i have kumon interview) i had fever,really bad..my whole body aching.went to the clinic and d doc gave me some prescriptions.i feel better on d next day but towards night i was sick again.i puked.damn.owh..my bro in law and Qhalif too got sick.so my sister being a responsible wife,mother and sister took a one day leave and became our nurse :)

i have to take 4 medicines in one go and it sucks.i lost my appetite to eat and i lost 2kgs during my bad days.i just drink lots of 100plus.god,i don't wanna be sick again.ever!i know i'm weak,always get sick but i'm trying to fight it anyway!my mom nagged and i have to listen to it every time she give me a call.*sigh*

then,the next 2 days i don't feel any better and i my feet and palm was itching like hell.i know i got allergic to something.so went to other clinic (d one i used to be going) and dr. taufik said i got drug allergic.yeah,due to wrong prescriptions.damn.i've told dat doc dat i'm allergic to pain killer but it seems like she'd gv me ones.so i have to get an injection and take some medicines to fight everything that goes inside my system.gosh.

so,here i am again feeling much better and stronger :)

i'm missing my sayang so much.he'll be here this week maybe!hopefully.gosh...i  miss u so very much!



aman's big day!!

what's up everybody??

so much of wanting to be models..lalala

us with beautiful aman :)

smile everybody!!

we are the green people..

how lovely..gonna miss everybody!


me and my friends

i see cuppies there.

syed & aman

there goes beautiful couple

i love this pix

dayah pose sakan!

Pose everybody!!!!!!

gonna miss 'em!

Last friday, i went to aman's wedding at Pandan Lake Club.it was awesome and sweet..and so sedih because she'll be staying in Johore with syed and settle down there.plus sedih gak coz it was what i felt during echa's wedding.haha..maybe sbb they are among my friends and the fact that they are married now may create a gap between us makes it worst.but me and my friends had a great time there with good foods and beautiful couple.aman's wedding was like a mini gathering for my course mate.we had a chance to catch up with each other and update a little here and there.

After the wedding, me,ct,dayah and amed went jalan2 and makan2..we went to Bukit Bintang and very early in the morning around 6am,we sent dayah and amed to uia.i accompanied ct to putrajaya sebab ct takot nak drive sorang2 blk putrajaya and the fact that she's not familiar with the road.after that me and ct trus tdoq tak sedar diri until 1pm kot.lalala..i went home at 5pm after brunch.

i had a great time with my friends..but sadly after aman's wedding i felt sick.i had a bad cough and i lost my voice for 3days :(
so there goes the story of aman's wedding..

owh ya..i got one interview this tuesday at Kumon Bukit Damansara for the post of Editor..hopefully everything will be ok.amin :)

so..that's all for now.will update later ya



oh interviews..

i just arrived home from OCBC interview and lepak time at klcc with aman.it's a good catch-up session and i missed spending time with my friends.
owh ya..my interview went smoothly and i'm no longer nervous..haha..
if i'm selected,the lady from HR (Pn.Norhana) will call me from the second interview.
i got another interview this Friday..and insyaallah i will meet aman again for a movie.actually i'm getting tired of going to the interviews but i still have to go and try my best.hopefully i manage to secure a job ASAP.

i went to klcc after the interview and i was like a jakun being there.da lama tak p klcc,the last time i went there was during Ramadhan with ct and amed for buka posa.i was like "hey.kat cni pon ada this shop ke?"haha..tIm and her jakunness.it's not my fault pon..i'm in shah alam and i'm not gonna travel all the way from shah alam to klcc for the sake of nak lepak2.kat shah alam pon i can lepak2 too.but i like jusco bukit tinggi,not many people and many choices of brands which i like.so no need to go all the way to kl just for shopping and lepak2 kan?

anyhoo,i enjoy myself today an i'm supertired!



PTD..haih..i know i will never gonna make it!

da lama tak update this blog.i was kinda busy with the exam,interviews and baby-sitting.herm..my life is miserable but i'm loving it.

i went back to kedah last thursday for the exam.i was late for my flight but luckily the flight was delayed due to the unknown reason.ala..biasa la Airasia :)
d 50minutes journey was bored because i was all alone.nasib baik kejap ja if not i'll be dead dlm flight tu.i arrived at 545pm and my bro in law with d little kiddos were already there.
the next day was ok for me because i had the chance to spend some times with the kiddos and sisters. i did some revision tapi halfway da tido because i was so sleepy and the fact that i have to read pasal politics,perlembagaan and stuff buat aku lagi nak tido :)

the exam was on saturday.i arrived 10minutes late and they were about to start.i missed the part yang ketua pengawas tu bagi instruction.how bad!luckily i have the courage to ask a lady about what should i do and write.haha..bad bad tim!before i start my first paper,i had the chance to have a look around the hall and the people inside the hall..and i saw that girl.OMG,she was there too.my old time enemy during school year.there was my junior at primary school too but i hardly remember her name.the first paper was ok because i did read,ingat dgn tak ingat je..hehehe..

the second part was BM essay and it was so and so.what do u expect.the last time i did my Bm essay was during SPM.the third paper was english essay.it was ok.i did on security cameras thingy.luckily i did remember about the cases and i have quite a lot of ideas about it.
the fourth part was fucked up.it was on mathematics and logic.damn it..how was i supposed to answer 40 Qs in 45minutes.i'm not a GENIUS la.the Qs were ok,not that hard but the time given that matters.and the fact that i never like maths during school time make it worst..geee..i should encourage my kids to love maths or else they will end up like their dumb mom..haha!

the last paper was on comprehension.it was ok.but over all i know that i will never gonna make it to the next step.it was hard to be listed in plus with hundreds of people taking the exam and i know most of them are brilliant than me :)
but i did give it a try kan.so let's just hope and pray.

so..tomorrow i will have another interview.hopefully everything run smoothly.da penat la..

btw,sunshine gave me a perfume and i love it so much.thanks sayang.i love u so much!

hugs and kisses;


considering and thinking

guess what?me and jaa secured a place at TM..we were told right after the interview.i was 50-50 whether to accept it or reject it.

herm..i woke up at 545am yesterday..yeah very early ok!then i went out from home at 645am and managed to catch a train at 7am.there were thousand of people..yeah trust me..the train was very packed.i mean it!
i arrived at kl sentral around 750am and made my way to meet jaa.we had our breakfast and chit chatting for a bit.then at 845am we went to kerinchi by putra LRT.we were kinda lost..haha..because we didn't know where the hell is the building.we just walked and finally arrived there safe and sound.

after we went to the office,we were told to wait at the waiting area where there were about 3 people also waiting for the interview. they were nice and friendly.we waited about half and hour before that guy who was in charged to brief us and told us some tips here and there.

after that 6 of us were told to get ready for the interview .yeah,it was a group interview but i didn't even know about it until that guy told us.haih..
herm..i was the first to be interviewed ok!it went well and they did ask me why did i quit from MTS.i told them everything and it went on until the last person.ok..me and jaa were ok with the interview.i was a bit nervous..a bit only.i think jaa too felt the same way.other girls looked so confident.i was like "ok,they know how to speak well"..but then when there were their turn to speak i'm so shocked to know that they did not know how to speak English..owh ya,the interview was conducted in english.pity them but they did understand what the interviewers said.

then after the interview we were told to wait again.after that a lady came and told us that we were in except for a girl.pity her.we had to sit for a typing test,excel test and MCQ test of English,BM,maths and what not.it took us about one hour to completed the test.

we finished everything there at 3pm.me and jaa went straight to Mid valley to meet aman.yay..misses her so much.we took our lunch and watched bride wars.it like it..love it..
and thanx to aman for the movie treat.

we went home after the movie because it was 7pm and i was supertired and exausted.but i had fun with my friends.

that was how my day was yesterday..and i'm still thinking whether to accept the job or not.the job will take place at Semua House jalan TAR and the paid is not high.if i do accept it,i have to start training on next monday.freaking early.demit..i had book a flight ticket on the 19th.shit.i dunno..i have to think wisely and deeply.keep thinking tIm.

till then...



something to share

it's quite a while since i update my blog.i was sooo busy doing nothing.lalalala

hey,i just check somebody's blog just now and i figured out that she's engaged to my old time crush..haha..how wonderful was that?herm..anyhow,have a wonderful journey ahead to both of them..naaa,it was just a crush back then.no heart feeling pon!

herm..busy looking for a new job.i'm bored satying home and i need a new job ASAP.it's not that i'm regreting on my decision to leave MTSS but i'm so wanted to work.having my own paycheck..etc..etc..

owh yaa..i've booked a flight ticket to my hometown for the PTD exam thingy.hey,guess what..few of my friends pon dpt.yay! good luck to us yaa..friends,study laaa!

i'm missing my other half so badly.the fact that i didn't meet him for about 3months make it worst.i miss u sayang.planing to meet him when i'm in kedah soon.

herm..i have an interview with jaa and sasa this thursday at TM Bangsar.hopefully everything will run smoothly and hopefully i won't get too nervous and speechless..i tend to lose my word and vocab when i'm nervous ok!

till then..will update later aligator




i'm so blessed to have many friends in my life.Alhamdulillah,they were there for me during my up and down,happy and sorrow.i really appreciate what they did to me,in terms of help and support.yeah,without them my life would be empty and meaningless.they are the most important person in my life besides my family and my sunshine.

there were times when we had some arguments but later we apologized and compromised..dear friends,i really treasure the moments we spent together and i will make sure that we will always be friends forever.

so,dear friends near or far..thank you for being such good friends to me.love you guys to bits.hope to see you guys ASAP no matter how or where.

p/s:i will upload some pix of my happy moment with my friends ya!

hugs,kisses and love;



hey..today is my first day to be unemployed again..lalala...i know d feeling is weird bcoz i used to wake up at 630am and today i did wake up at that particular time without realizing that i'm no longer working.anyhow,looking at the bright side,i have some time to spend with elfee and my mum at home which is a good thing.but,on the bad side, i'm so wanna find a new job.i can't just stay at home and do nothing bcoz i have to earn something kan?my friends da byk yg keja..no way i'm gonna stay home and wish that the money will fall from nowhere kan?

hermm..so..while i do nothing at home,i have some free time to upload some pics..old and new pics.


great morning

morning everybody..morning sunshine :)

i had a wonderful and peaceful sleep last nite and i woke up feeling good and fresh..yay!
i had baked beans for my breakfast and a supernice hot tea..i wanna cook either spaghetti or pasta for lunch depending on my level of rajinness..lalalala..

i miss little kiddo Muhammad Qhalif Elfee already.he's coming back today.yippie!

after a burst-my-heart-and-feeling-out yesterday,i feel ok and much better.yeah,sometime words means nothing and tears will do.hopefully everything will be ok and we'll be ok.

hugs and lov3;


i noe what u did last the-hell-of-a-time!

hermm..life can be unfair..

it hurts..really badly and deeply..when the fact that u love somebody but it turns up that the one u love is the one who's gonna tear u apart.promises upon promises but it's nothing but a
LIE. come on la!

life is cruel but we cannot blame life but the person who makes life cruel.

just tell the truth..yes i noe,truth is hurt

the one who knows what u have done;


no specific title..lol

hermmm...i can't wait for this weekend to come..bkn apa,i want to have some good rest at home.my entire body aching..or a feel good time watching movies or shopping would do too..yay!hehe..it's a kind of treatment to release the burden inside the head..well,it works for me though.. :)

my mom always remind me that i shud work hard to achieve my dream bcoz it won't come to u easily..i will always remember that. i really wanna success in my career life so that aku leh balas jasa my parents and family.they sacrificed a lot for me so that i could finish my study to the highest level..money,time,energy and every single thing they could do to ensure that i successfully receive a scroll.love 'em to bits.they are my strength who stood behind me in good time or bad time,thin or thick..i really appreciate what they have done to me.

so, working hard is what i did during the entire weekdays and i have the right to have a wonderful weekends rite?so,plan..plan..plan..i'll write here later if i manage to plan sumtin okies?i would be nice if i could hang out with my frens kan??herm..good idea..i shud text my frens la,mana taw if they are available this weekend.mini gath would be blast for me.

till then..i need to mandi coz i'll be late for maghrib..



urgh..i'm not feeling well today.i feel numb and tired.haiyoo..wat's up tIm?i dun like dis feeling bcoz my entire body aching d hell outta me.shit.

d fact dat i'm alone in the house makes it feel more bad.but my sister,bro-in-law,nephew and mom will only be here on saturday so another 2days to be alone..urghhhh...

i'm so freaking cold in dis office..somebody pls shut d hell aircond off.my head aching..plus with running nose..and i'm so hungry..adoiii..
till then..i have to finish my work..a huge bunch of fails :(



work work work!!!

hermm...i get headache when i think about work and i'm sick of it!

confession : i'm now a translator at Syariah High Court Shah Alam and i'm about to quit. why? simple..simply becoz i can't take the pressure working there when ppl around me were putting high expectation on me of sumtin i'm new with.ok..ceni la..i'm new and have ZERO idea of law and what not.tp 'they' think that i'm an english graduate and i shud noe english by heart as well as the jargons of law.hello..lain la terms dia.don't expect that i noe every single thing about it and fyi aku bkn la bdk law ok?

pastu i'm doing all the task that wasn't my job scope pon..tu tak kesah la n i'm ok wit it.tapi gaji aku la yg plg sikit..and the hardest part was when aku kena tegur ngn judge dlm court in front of the people in side the court room.watdef?when i asked my officer what shud i do inside the court room,she said without hesitation "translate je ape yg client tu ckp dkt hakim n ape yg hakim tu ckp dkt client tu".wah2..tak plak dia mention yg i have to speak out loud.dem it!

so..i'm now trying to search for a better job..and yay! me sbb aku dpt offer wat exam PTD..i noe it's hard to get thru d exam n interview and so forth but i'm going to give it a shot.no harm in trying rite?so pray for me too okies?hopefully by the end of this month i manage to get a new job with a better offer!AMIN....




here i am blogging...hahaha...i just dunno why on earth that i wanna start blogging.i have 1 blog before and still using it but i make it private.just for me to write something that i don't think should be read by public.

i have read many blogs before and i will read them everyday for latest update..lalala..i just love the way they write and reading blogs made my day :)

anyhow..greeting for tIm..W.E.L.C.O.M.E