Fever Fever Go Away!

My baby is unwell since Monday. It started off with him vomiting in the middle of the night while sleeping that Sunday night. I knew then that he is not going to be okay the next day. The next day (Monday) I called my sister and she told me that Umar kept on vomiting out every time he coughed and his temperature was a bit feverish. We gave him his medicine without going to the clinic first since there were some left. His temperature was up side down but not that high. On Tuesday night after we gave him his medicine he vomited again and then in about 10 minutes he developed allergy and his right eye was swollen. Oh NOT again! Umar is very sensitive too medicine but he was okay at the fist two days so why on earth he had this allergic thingy. yesterday, me and my sister took him to clinic since I knew that he needed new medicine. His temperature was 37.5 during the check up and there was wheezing sound. Okay baby, there you have to use nebulizer. Of course he cried that was why I brought my sister together with me to hold him throughout the process. The process took the longest time and he couldn't stand it anymore. He kept on saying 'mommy..mommy'.. I felt bad but it's for his own good. It broke my heart to see him crying and calling me all the way. Right after everything ended, he was a bit okay and started to eat a little and play A LOT! Alhamdulillah he is getting okay and no more fever today, only cough and it might take some days for it to go away. Yayness!

Me on the other hand was unwell last Monday and Tuesday. On Monday while I was still at the office, i could feel something was not right. My colleague Cammy kept on asking if I was okay or not because she said that I was not like myself. I guess I was having a bad day or Monday blues or something. After I came back from the office and about to take bath, I vomited out every single thing I had before. Then I had laksa for dinner. Then again I vomited out every thing I had. I even vomited out plain water I drank. NOT GOOD!

The next morning i vomited again but since there was nothing in my system so I vomited the yellowish liquid. Yikes! Towards the night, I had this massive migraine that I myself could not stand it any second. It was so painful that I could bang my head on the wall. But Alhamdulillah i am okay now. 

I am so thankful that I have my sisters near me. Since hubster is out station for for almost 2 weeks now, I have to depend a lot on them (due to my condition now). I don't know what should I do if I am all alone. I might cry every now and then since Umar is super demanding nowadays. LOL!

I guess me and my baby miss daddy so much :(

p/s: I received a phone call while driving to work which totally wrecked my whole day. Arghhhhhhh!!!! Not a good start for the day! Not gonna talk about it though.



Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

This is what I posted in my Facebook this morning.

While I was driving to the office this just now, I heard a call-in on Mix.fm. It was something got to do with their mix baby bump and the caller wanted to stay anonymous. She got married and became a mother at a very young age. she said that having a kid is not an easy breezy task because she's having an 8YO autistic kid. She added that she has to pay attention to her kid 24/7 until she has no time for herself. To make it worse, she has no support system from her husband (she's a divorcee) and family so everything is on her shoulder. Towards the end, she kinda say that she regretted giving birth to her kid.

I admit that being a mother is not an easy task, what more for her for having an autism baby. There's a lot to do and to expect. Correct me if I'm wrong,but it was a sad thing to hear that she regretted having a baby at the first place. I might not understand because I don't give birth, take care, deal and handle autism kid but it wasn't the kid's fault that you regret giving birth to him. The kid didn't ask to be born that way. I don't blame her though because she sounded so stressed out and maybe she didn't mean to let it out that way.

so who's to blame?
May Allah give her endless strength and patience in handling and taking care of her kid,Amin.

this is what my friend commented: "

Huhuu..mmg tk baik..tp mungkin dia terlalu stress tu tim..i knw coz i also have an autistic brother yg dh 22yo. There r 8 of us in the fmly plus parents n inlaws continuously taking turn looking after him..pun susah..pdhal hes capable of looking afterhimself but byk bnde kne monitor. But alhmdllh.. we managed.
sbb tkde support system lngsung tu yg jd susah n regret. .mybe shes too young for all that...hopefully one day she will see the bright side of all this.."

It brought tears to my eyes after listening to what she said. I totally don't put the blame on her. I have no right to judge her because I don't know her at all. I just feel sad that there's nobody to help her and support her and I feel sad because it leads her to feel that way. I feel sad because I'm thinking of the kid's feeling if he happens to know that her mother regretted giving birth to him.

This makes me so thankful for having my husband and family with me in taking care of my kid(s). Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb. I pray that Allah will give me strength if He happens to put me in the same situation. Aku doa agar dijauhkan perasaan menyesal kalau diuji macam tu. Amin.




yeah right tim!

I just updated a status on FB saying that my mission for today is to finish all work related thingy like ISO and MQA documents. I only do them halfway and leave all on the table and my workstation looks like crap now. So much of wanting to finish all today. MY FOOT!

Gotta do something about this though. Bukan malas nak buat tapi ada documents yang tak complete so I have to go and figure out where the hell I put them...ehehehehe... Nak jalan pi Centre Office (PPT) memang la sangat malas. Tapi i'm glad that 70% of the documents are with me now. I just need to sort things out into respective files. I hate documentations though. Why la I need to do all those?

Later alligator ;) 



well hello hello dusty blog.

It has been quite some time since I last wrote here. Almost a year I guess.
Well,blame the workload and I was so busy having a life with my little family. Everyday, after I take off my lecturer's hat at the office, I have to put on my mommy's + wifey's hat at home so yeah that explains why I don't write for the longest I could remember.

Anyhoo, many things happened for this nearly 1 year of time. Some happy and sad moments, some ups and downs but I'm thankful to HIM that I'm still breathing up till this moment. So, I would say that I've been through SAPPY times.

Gotta write and update soon.
Have a great time lovelies :)