i am so tired and extremely sleepy when i woke up this morning.arrived from my kampung at 1130pm,really exhausted and needed rest pronto so i just change my baju and went to my lala land which was awesome :D

this morning my sister woke me up before she went to her office.i need to sort things which i bought in kedah for my friends.but i couldn't help my eyes from shutting.i went back to lala land and woke up again at 930am.ngeheeee..so i have to start working on those things asap.

i have many things to be done by today..
1. sort the things for my darling friends and sister
2.kemas rumah a bit since my sister had done that before we went back to kedah
3.get the car done with major servis
4.take my new spec (yayYYY!!)
5. go to putrajaya to send the astro decoder for my sis and my in bro in law
6.spend some more time with epy cayang

so hopefully i manage to get everything done so that i can start my work tomorrow peacefully.which i really wish i won't have to go to office tomorrow :D

back in kedah,i had the greatest time with my family.

i arrived kedah on friday just before solat jumaat.we departed a bit late because my sister and bro in law overslept and only woke up at 630 (the time in which we were supposed to bertolak balik.nak kena niiiiii!!!!!)

after rest a bit,bersiap2 nak pegi akad nikah kak ina (not really because i only put on baju kurung without make up at all).i was tired but still i have to drive to pendang and be the camerawoman.met my brother there.so he stayed there sampai majlis is over and the we went to kak ina's house for some photo shot.then my sisters and bro in law came to join the ceremony.
after everything was done,we went to my bro's house nearby to have a wonderful laksa made by my bro's mom in law.it was delicious because i was extremely hungry.before we went to akad nikah kak ina,i peeked at my mom's kitchen,i saw chili crab adn ikan sumbat (drooling until now mannn).i couldn't wait to go home.then we arrived home late that evening.gobbled down the glorious food and take some nap until 9pm.hahahahaha.i told ya i'm tired.
at night,just lepaking at home then ate nasi Ali for supper.gosh..extremely delicious i tell u!!!!!

on sunday we just lepak home in the morning with familia.towards the afternoon bersiap to kenduri kak ina.it was really hot at kedah.i was burning under the hot sun.stayed there for about one hour and we went home.bought pisang sarong from pak njang's stall.yummmmmilicious!
then my brother,sis in law n nephews came.talking,laughing and making fun at each other.then at night,went to gani char koew teow for dinner.sedappppppp (drools!!)

on monday,i sent my nieces n nephew to school in the morning.then went to pasar tani with my sisters.bought many stuff for cooking.my mom cooked masak acheh,sotong kicap and ikan masin.the best la mak!!!!
then went to jitra,needed to but microwave for my mom and teman my sister beli kain for baju kurung.at 5,we start our journey back to shah alam.
i had fun,lotsa fun.thank u siblings n parents for making me happy no matter what condition i am.i love my family tooooo much!

will post pixie later. :D

much lov3;



been so busy with nothing lately.haha.been so lazy to online,check my social webs and update my blog.no explanation..just simple L.A.Z.Y!!!

anyhoo,am thinking to update the pixies taken oh-i-just-can't-remember-the-date.but the connection is suck big time so later alligator.

have lots of story to update but then again L.A.Z.Y !
awww lazy bump,please stop being lazy.move u butt will ya?