family day

owh ya..last weekend me and my family went to my bro-in-law's office family day.it was fun.i had fun.we enjoyed every little time there and the fact that we could spent some times together and released whatever burden inside our head is the best part.we stayed at Glory Beach Resort.it was ok la sebab tido semalam je kat sana.so it was not a big deal at all.

elfee had his best time played with water as he loves to play with water no matter where he goes.i know he had fun with the fact that he was the central of attraction there.hahaha.

our family was the dorkiest group there.we cheered up,laughed,giggled and did whatever possible to make that family day the best time for us if not for the rest of the peeps.

we have hilarious activities and i tell u,we took part of 1 activity and the rest of the day we spent with photography session and play at the playground.hahaha.

people at the playground were staring at us as if we were nut because we did crazy posed and we laughed out so loud.hahaha.

i'm have blast there.thanx abg anip :)

loving each time;


oh thanks neway!

yes..I'm still in the process of job hunting,interviewing and stuff.so what?maybe it's not my rezeki yet.i still get monthly allowance form my sister and you don't have the right to judge me or give a pathetic opinion because i don't need 'em.thanks!btw,I've worked before and i think it's ok for me to relax and pamper myself before i work and do the same routine when i start working.i don't mind.seriously..

herm..there are some people who questions my staying home and do nothing after 6 months of graduating.hellO,mind your own business la,don't bother to think FOR me because i will never appreciate that!get it?I'm not staying home and do nothing,i do house chores what?a practice for future life..hahaha..and i get paid for that!!and one more thing,i never ask u for loan of anything.u are nobody to me,not my family.u r just my friend..not even close.
FYI,u are not a good friend because if u are a good friend,u will console me and encourage me to try and to be patient.get it?
so..to HELL with u!

yes..i really need a job ASAP because i think i should start working by now but as i said before,maybe bukan rezeki aku lagi.tak kan la aku nak p merayu so that people will give me a job.i'm not that desperate KOT!!



gosh..u should let me know at d first place!

finally i managed to get thru my sayang yesterday *grin*..he's been busy with his final reports and stuff.ookayyyyyyy..but at least u should just lemme know kan?

know what?...i checked his myspace only to find out that he met with an accident last month around march d 10th.he was with haikal during that accident and they bump into a girl who rode racklessly.gosh..he did even let me know about it.his reason is "i don't want u to be worried.i'm ok"...

of course i'm worried for god sake.belakang dia luka and kinda bad.haikal too.owh..how i wish i could just fly to him the second he told me the whole bunch of story.i'm sad.yes,honestly..

it is as if i'm nobody to him.yes,no doubt that he don't want me to be worried of his condition.BUT i need to know that.rasa cam..urghhhh..


pls sayang..don't do that ever again.it hurts me to know that u r sick.



achy breaky heart

have u ever missed somebody that it hurts and your heart aching like hell..*sigh*

yes,i missed him a lot but it seems like he's busy with his work and what not.haven't been able to reach him for 2 or 3 weeks.it sucks :(

i keep on reminding myself that he's busy with his study,let alone his final is just around the corner but i couldn't help from feeling neglected.haih..it's hard to be far from each other.i try to be positive but i couldn't feel better.i wish i could hear  his voice for a simple hello.i couldn't ask for more!

seriously, i missed u!

God, help me to control this feeling and make me a stronger person..

much love;



wow..it seems like the level of my malasness to update this blog is increasing.haha.it has been a month since i update and i have lots of things to jot down and share.

last three weeks,erm..on friday(a day after i have kumon interview) i had fever,really bad..my whole body aching.went to the clinic and d doc gave me some prescriptions.i feel better on d next day but towards night i was sick again.i puked.damn.owh..my bro in law and Qhalif too got sick.so my sister being a responsible wife,mother and sister took a one day leave and became our nurse :)

i have to take 4 medicines in one go and it sucks.i lost my appetite to eat and i lost 2kgs during my bad days.i just drink lots of 100plus.god,i don't wanna be sick again.ever!i know i'm weak,always get sick but i'm trying to fight it anyway!my mom nagged and i have to listen to it every time she give me a call.*sigh*

then,the next 2 days i don't feel any better and i my feet and palm was itching like hell.i know i got allergic to something.so went to other clinic (d one i used to be going) and dr. taufik said i got drug allergic.yeah,due to wrong prescriptions.damn.i've told dat doc dat i'm allergic to pain killer but it seems like she'd gv me ones.so i have to get an injection and take some medicines to fight everything that goes inside my system.gosh.

so,here i am again feeling much better and stronger :)

i'm missing my sayang so much.he'll be here this week maybe!hopefully.gosh...i  miss u so very much!