hello GE13

dah lama tak update blog yang super bersawang ni.so sempena GE13 esok ni,nah ambik post yang short and sweet (SANGAT!)

i haven't go around scrolling through FB ever since they announced the date for GE.reason being is that, i just couldn't stand the bashing around between parties using bad words and saying bad things about others.for me, kalau nak sokongan orang, just say or promote good things about your party,tak payah nak say bad things about others sebab tadak sapa pon yang perfect.analoginya macam jual barang,tak payah nak kutuk barang orang lain tak elok/tak berkualiti but prove to others that you are selling the best product.tak payah nak gaduh2, we are still Malaysian staying in the same country.bukan nanti satu party tu menang, yang kalah tu kena pindah negara lain kan?walau apa dan bagaimanapun, kalau Allah dah takdirkan satu party tu menang, adala hikmahnya.semuanya dah tertulis.so happy voting people :)

saya anak Malaysia pure KEDAHAN;



I cooked mac & cheese last night and it tasted oh-so-good :)
Sila telan air liur..haa,lap cepat dah meleleh tu ;P

Hello saturday

Hubster's working today.tula,kena carik duit banyak2 so that mommy can stay at home and take care of u both kan daddy?hehehe
So yeah we just stay home.erm,umar is acting up.meghapppppppp.helpppppp.acaner nak kerja next week?omaigaddddd
Oh,just had my late breakfast.ubi kayu in the house!


Day 3

well, just goofing around with Umar. It's a great feeling to be able to bath him, feed him, put him to nap, play with him, cruising around our neighborhood with him and watch his favorite show or song with him. All with my two bare hands. I guess i'm enjoying my SAHM's moments so far.takpe Umar, kalau ada rezeki nanti mommy jadi SAHM okay?

oh ya, just got a message from TM people.finally boleh pasang unifi dekat rumah sendiri.i'm a happy mommy today :)



Day 2

hello there!

well, there's nothing much i did today.as i mentioned before,the intention of taking leaves is for me to take a good rest after hell of time juggling with work, assignments, classes and family and to spend my time with Umar. He might not know or care of all these nonsense but i feel like i'd neglected him. We are so close, too close that it was such a shame for me to let him out of might sight whenever i did my assignments. i feel really really bad and that i think i'm not a good mommy *sigh*.

so yeah, these 5 days will be fully utilized to spend with him and attend to his needs.oh ya, his daddy as well :D
not a good mommy and wifey either.  I hope they do understand and can somehow sabar with me for at least another 11months  InshaaAllah :)

hey, talking about Umar, here's some updates on my anak teruna (uhuk,he's a toddler now,no more baby)

#1 - able to say "no..no" with his index finger move left right left right.
#2 - he can really dance,oh my cheeky baby
#3 - knows how to say dada (daddy) and nay (mommy). I wonder where he got the 'nay' thingy.
#4 - he can say "nak" which means 'tak nak'
#5 - he likes reading but not his own books. well at least i know he likes books :)
#6 - susah tidur sometimes. penat mommy nak tidurkan.
#7 - he can be so angel like kalau mommy bawak outing with mommy's girlfriend.he's really a ladies man like what my  friend said :)
#8 - sangat payah nak pakaikan diaper sekarang T_T
#9 - he understands when i speak English with him (based on how he responds) although he spend most of his time with my sister who speaks Malay with him.good one darling :)
#10- no more drinking water from his bottle,nak guna cup.perasan betol :P
#11- sangat demanding nowadays especially if mommy's around.
#12- he's one funny little man.my sister called him 'pak lawak'.
#13- he likes food.he must get this from his daddy.pantang tengok orang makan
 well, those are what i can think of right now.too many things samapi mommy tak boleh recall :) nanti i'll update some more.

my mr.potter

mommy & Umar

much love; 


i've been LISTENified :P

i was so puzzled when people kept on posting on their Fb wall about this LISTEN thingy then i watched one of my friend's link of the video.i couldn't help not to laugh.well,this is my version of LISTEN,LISTEN,LISTEN (and the word goes on and on and on)

Listen to our motto, Guiding us as we go
Simple in my virtue, Steadfast in my work
Hark, hark, hark
Hear the kindly advic, Take it to your heart
Fly away from all vice, Be simple in virtue
Be loyal and true, Love God with all your heart
Steadfast in my work, yes!, No matter how hard
How can you win success, If you never try
Though you stumble often, Never be downcast
Try and try again lest, You'll succeed at last
Hark, hark, Let the school motto, Guide you as you go

this is actually my school's song.hahaha :P

St.Nicholas Convent,you rock big time and i missed u :)

i'm listening;

holiday - Day 1

so today is my first day of leave and being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) for 5 days.cewahh, who knows kalau ada rezeki inshaaAllah boleh betul2 join SAHM's club,amin amin!
so how did i spend my day so far?
well of course i use most of the time playing with my sonshine.ni kira ganti balik all the time mommy spent doing her assignments and work.kesian anak mommy.so 5 hari cuti ni mommy kelek Umar je la ye sayang?
teheee :D
so now i can dig in the book chest :D
pheww, it's not that i can only take a look at the novels which i bought during BBW but i can also  read them one by one.sebelum ni tengok je dengan rasa bersalah 

so this is my current reading

so far i have fun reading it .more to come bebeh




today is the day people..it's finally here.i'm done with my assignments and now is counting minutes to holiday.it's not that i'm going for a holiday but i' taking leave from 16/1/2013 until 18/1/2013 plus the weekend so 5 days leave altogether. a me n family time :)

so yeah, officially finished with my second semester in UKM and will be in my third semester on February which will be my last semester of coursework before heading to thesis writing, inshaaAllah :)
please pray for my success everybody,amin.




well it seems like love is all over the air and everybody is either getting married or married.i am very happy to be a part of those beautiful weddings i attended.so enjoy those moments as i did :)

bro-in-law's wedding

this was taken during umairah's side (Johor/8.12.12)

this was on our side (Sg.Besar/30.12.12)

please turn your head.this is how i captured his picture :D

babyboo was tired and sleepy 

see?sleepy but refused to sleep

the only picture of me and the pengantin.excuse my 'tak-siap' face.i left all my make up  and  even facial foam+moisturizer at home :P


Shah & Azie's Reception

i love the way he smiled

the newlywed 

us with the pengantin

beautiful weddings i must say.for those who are just married,may you have a blessed and wonderful journey ahead.have fun with each other's company and treasure each moment.please make beautiful babies :P
for those who are getting married,i pray for the smooth run and may HE ease everything.



a new year, a new chapter

we finally bid goodbye to 2012. it was indeed a bittersweet year but heck, i thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and yes, a big HELLO 2013!
wow..time really flies so fast nowadays don't you think so?

hurm..how did i spent my new year's eve?well, me and hubster just stayed home and watched tv,enjoying each other's company.Umar slept early last night so we haven't got the chance to go out for dinner.when the clock strike 12am, me and hubster rushed out to the balcony and watched fireworks.it was the best moment ever to be able to watch fireworks all around shah alam from out balcony since our house is at level 4.it was great to be in each other's arms and kiss goodbye to 2012 with a sloppy kiss on the cheek (no picture taken since it was only both of us there and Umar was sleeping and we were enjoying the moment :P) teheeeeee :D

so today we went out for new year's outing.we brought Umar and Uwais to The Curve.At first we were thinking of going to IKEA to buy some stuff for our house but it was flooded with people sowe went to have our lunch at Tony Roma's. it was a great outing walaupon penat layan bawak the two munchkins dengan manusia yang sangatla bersemutan :D

us having lunch,daddy's treat :D

my new year resolution is very simple.i don't need to do a long list is i cannot afford to achieve any right?so my resolution would be * drum roll*
i want to be a better person than i was last year :)
how about yours?

so yeah, a very happy new year to all. hope 2013 will be nice to us.i wish and pray for a smooth year to me, hubster family and friends :)