after a long hiatus..here i am writing on sunday evening after having fried rice and nescafe.really made my day.i have lots of things to write until i forgot some of them.haha.

owh ya..about my new job.now i work as a junior lecturer at Selangor International Islamic University College @ KUIS.i teach English there.as expected, there are many IIUM grads there. i recognize some of them. it happens to be that i am the youngest lecturer there.
this is my first experience of teaching but i think i'm doing good and heading to the right path :)
i'm still adapting to the new environment and teaching life.i have 24 credit hours to teach every week and by the end of the day i am totally flat!my olleagues are helpful though i didn't have the opportunity to get to know them better except for the two lecturer, Cammy and Ros who i share the room with.

however...the students give me heart attack man!their English is very very poor.i think my nephews and nieces can do English and speak English better than my students.not to look down on them but it's for real man.one of my students have no basic of English.what a surprise kan?
due to that, i have to teach them basics of English again which is grammar when the fact that they should know it at least a bit.sadly :(

when i ask them in English, they will either answer in Bahasa or just drop their jaw because they don't understand what i am saying or asking.i ask one girl "how old are you" pon tatau nak jawab.weird la.. i wonder what they learned in high school.even if u were educated in sekolah agama pon u should at least faham simple2 English.kesian juga sometimes tapi tu la..i cannot spoon fed them every time.who will help them during exam?i hope i will be strong and patient enough throughout the days.

lately after working hours i will be flat.TOTALLY!i never knew teaching would be this hard.now baru nak pikir what i have done masa blajar dulu.kesian my lecturers.LOL!
i also have night class..aiyoo,penat la night class :s

now i stay at twins house.just nearby KUIS,3 minutes driving da sampai.

geee..nti i update lagi.i went blank already.



i'm blessed

my sister was married on 30th May and the kenduri was held on the 31st May.the kenduri of abg ameer side was on the 7th June.we are thankful that everything went well as planned.my sister is now happily married :D

after the kenduri in Kedah,i had high fever and was suffering for 4 days.luckily i was ok for the kenduri on abg ameer's side.my whole body aching due to the hard work during the kenduri but i had fun meeting with relatives and friends.to those who helped,thank you from our family and may Allah bless all of u.

i'll find the right time to upload the pixie because i'm a bit busy lately.owh ya,i'm busy preparing for my new job.Yippie Yayy!!!finally i managed to get a new job as a lecturer in KUIS situated in Bangi.i'm extremely happy and syukur of it.i'm thankful to have a very supportive family who are with me during my up n down.i'll start lecturing this Monday 15th June 2009.

but..i'm having some problems here.i have no idea where am i suppose to stay and how am i going to work.i have cousins there but the thing is i have no transport until i have my own car..i have to drive somehow..
i have friends who live nearby bandar sri putra but i'm not gonna bother them.takkan la nak saty rumah dia n ask her to drive me to work kan?herm..i know she won't mid but i do.so,i'm still thinking and thinking hard.hopefully i managed to get an answer by sunday so that i can happily go to work on monday.pray for me...

till then...