First World Problem

So..first world problem for breastfeeding mommy is when you leave your breast pump at home and your office is like miles awayyyy.
Me on the other hand, all packed before going out and so yakin one semua dah bawak. I double checked everything.EVERYTHING.
I was about to unload the precious fluid when my sister text me telling me that I left the tube. How on earth am I supposed to pump when there's no tube meh? Aiyoo, acaner ni? mau meletop la sbb engorged. I need to unload for god sake. My sister buat lawak suruh pump guna tangan. Oh can I? erkk..it would take foreverrrrr!
To make it worse, I didn't drive to work today. Mr.Hubs sent me this morning. Andddd, his office is the other end of the world. I.WANT.TO.CRY.NOW.

Sila jangan leaking.

Silly me!!!!Silly me!!!!

I'm so excited to be back to the office...NOT!

hahahaha..so today is my first day back to the office after 90 days of leave. It was super hard for me to wake up this morning and lucky me that Mr.Hubs wanted to send me to the office today.  I love you baby! The little one macam tau-tau je mommy dah start keje hari ni so semalam dia acted up a bit, asyik terjaga je. That explains why I was late today. *LOL*
So Tim, silalah rajin ye. Jangan malas-malas. October until December adalah tough months sebab macam-macam kena complete especially my thesis. Dah tak nak pikir dah lepas ni. I just want to get over and done with it. Dah tak boleh nak keep calm dah. Once dah habis thesis we are going for a vacayyyyyyy!

Dah, senyum yang menyimpan seribu makna sangat tuuuuuu.hahahaha!
Okay later alligator, kena buat-buat rajin ni :P


Umar Rifqy & Uzair Rifdy

I was browsing through Umar's pictures when he was still my tiny baby and then I realized that Uzair looks similar like him. Copy and paste okay. Masa Uzair baby tak nampak sangat tapi dah besar ni lagi nampak sama. hahahahaha.

Umar Rifqy

Uzair Rifdy

Percaya takkk?? Sama takkk? hahahahahaha


Confinement period story

I'm currently multitasking. I'm reading, surfing and bouncing sleeping Uzair. Phewwwww,  I'm all good..I'm all good!

While I'm having this reader's block, lets rest for a while and update this blog. Lemme tell you about my confinement period story. My pantang days were great. I love being in confinement period. It's where you can feel the TLC all around the clock despite sleep deprived. BUTTT, this time around my confinement days are in the month of Syawal. Imagine not having to eat all the good food, it was such a torture. When people were enjoying their ketupat, kuah kacang and the list goes on, I have to restrain myself from curik-curik makan. *LOL*

However, since I didn't have any stitches after labour, I can somehow skip the extreme pantang. I can still enjoy nasi impit with rendang ayam but no no ketupat *cries blood*.

The great thing about pantang is when you don't have to do other things rather than look after you baby and yourself. I had my meals for 6 times a day without having to worry on gaining weight. I lost my weight after a week despite eating like a hungry monkey and was back to my pre pregnancy weight *yeay me*.

Makan was never a problem to me. Orang lain kebanyakkannya tak ada selera masa pantang tapi aku sangatla berselera masa pantang. I can finish a full plate of nasi during lunch and dinner. How cool is that? My favourite dish would be ikan merah masam asam with lots of ginger and onion + sayur air sawi. Ohhhh, it was my gourmet meal. *LOL* I will have my in-between-heavy-meal snacks everyday. There will be 3 times of snacks in which I will have a mug of hot milo/horlicks cicah biskut kering. The best snack I tell you. Tak payah dapat churros or macaroon pon I was a happy mommy still :)

My mak will prepare a tungku (a huge and heavy rock whick looks like chicken drumstick.mine weighing around 6kgs) every morning and at nights. Masa bertungku ni kena selimut badan, put on socks and switched off the fan and it should be around 1 hour per session. I sweat like a pig and that explained why I lost weight so quickly.

At nights, my sister would wrap a bengkung on me which I totally love. The bengkung lasted until I finished my confinement period and it shaped my body and shed all the baby fat on my tummy.

Oh my mak is a very strict confinement lady *ahahahahaha*
She'll never let a day goes by by not doing all the pantang routines. During my first time, I was so close to crying when I was force to tungku and bengkung but now I'm loving all of it.

I know some people despise confinement period because they cannot eat so many things and they cannot even go out of the house. As for me, I enjoyed it so much. It was when I can spend the time on my own and I can bond with my babies.

So ladiesi, please do pantang after you deliver. You might say that it's not important and you are okay even you didn't pantang afater you delivered but it will be a long term effect. Trust me you will feel that you aged before the time if you skip your pantang days. I have my mandatory 44 days pantang and still under pantang though until the 100th day. You will also amaze at how pantang will help you shed all the stubborn fat without having to cost you any thing.

My Fav drink, hot horlicks and you gotta dunk biskut kering in it. sodap weii.Milo woks wonder too :)

Official pantang attire : T-shirt + kain batik + socks

My lavish pantang meals :)
Till then..later alligatorrrrrr


Welcoming baby pumpkin #2

Assalamualaikum W.B.T

It's a long hiatus indeed. I am officially a mother of two boys. Alhamdulillah I safely delivered my second bundle of joy two days before Eid (25.06.2014). I am so happy now that our little family tree has somehow expanded and Inshaallah kalau ada rejeki tambah lagi. As for now, I would want to wait until the little one is 3-4 years old.

This shall be a long post though. Let me share my labour experience but mind you people that everybody will have a different experience. So no worries if you come across gruesome story about giving birth because yours might not be the same as what you've read. I just would like to put my labour experiences in black and white so that in the future I can read them back and Inshaallah my kids would be able to read and know how hard it is for their mom to push them out.LOL!

I was very much nervous to give birth this time. This is because my EDD is two weeks after Eid and based on my previous experience, I delivered Umar Rifqy two weeks earlier too. I was scared that I might give birth in the car while we were stuck in the massive bad traffic on our balik kampung journey. I was on my early Eid break because I took a week early break so that I can rest at home. I really hoped that I could be in labour early so that I can go back to my hometown for Eid. I literally told the baby inside to either come out early or wait until Eid.hehehehehe. I was so much stressed out when I knew Scha Alyahya already gave birth because our EDD was 3 days apart. *LOL*

Oh, two days before I gave birth, I went to Umra for weekly check up (when you have entered the third trimester, check ups will be done weekly). Dr.Ummul said the baby had not yet engaged so it will be fine for me to travel back to my hometown for Raya. I was so happy when I heard that.

24.07.2014 (26th Ramadhan)

So it was all started on the 24th. At around 12pm-ish, I felt something different. I knew it was true contraction not Brixton Hicks. I told my sister about it ( I stayed with my sister since the day I started my holiday so that if anything happen, I have somebody to help even she doesn't know how to drive) and did so to Mr.Hubs. He said that he will be back early and I was not really worried because it was still mild and 15 minutes apart. Since it was Ramadhan, I prayed hard that if I really have to be in labour, I wanted it to be after Iftar (mind you I never ponteng puasa since the first day of Ramadhan and my baby was cooperating and behaving so well. Hi-5 for that baby!!).

Mr.Hubs came home after iftar and we went to Umra for check up.Before that, we took Umar around and bought some food for him knowing that we might end up in the hospital and not going to see him until Eid. I was lucky that Dr. Ummul was still around and she said that I was 2cm dilated. Since this is my second time, so I knew that it would take several hours for me to start pushing the lil one out. Dr. Ummul asked us to come back next morning for check up. We went back home and spend the night with our soon-to-be abang in the family.

That night, I cuddled Umar to sleep and watched the Commonwealth Games. I could feel that the contraction was getting harder. After finished watching Tv I decided to hit the sack as I might be needing a lot of energy to push tomorrow. God, I can still remember how hard for me to sleep peacefully as the pain was getting hideous. I had never experienced this kind of pain when I delivered Umar.I couldn't sleep well.I swear it was so painful that I cry in my sleep.

25.07.2014 (27th Ramadhan)

I woke up super early not because of the excitement but due to the unbearable pain (I was excited but I just want it to be over there and then). I went to the toilet and there was blood stain on my underwear and I know it will be any time then. I woke my husband up and told him and my sister about it. I took my bath and I was very much surprised that I managed to be that calm despite the pain. My sister prepared some nasi goreng for me so that I'll have some energy for the battle. After I kissed my Umar goodbye, we went to the hospital. I held Mr.Hubs' hand throughout the journey with the hope that his strength will transfer to me.hehehe.

We arrived at the hospital quite early and I went to the registration counter and said to the person-in-charge "I think it's a bout time" (She attended me the night before and she knew that it was going to be soon). She just laughed and registered me for check up. I laughed together with her because three days before, when i went for my weekly check up, she said that the baby wanted to wait until Eid and I could go home peacefully and I need not to be worry.I asked Mr.Hubs to tell his parents and my family in Kedah about it. The doctor called me for check up. It was not Dr.Ummul because it was not her duty time just yet. I prayed so hard that the doctor who will attend me is not Dr.Karamjit.

When my name was called, it was a huge relief the the doctor was not Dr.Karamjit.I can't remember the doc's name but I used to have my monthly check up with her and she's a nice lady. She checked and told me that I was 4cm dilated. She asked the nurse to take me to my room pastu suruh nurse tu panggil dia dalam masa sejam sebab dia nak pecahkan air ketuban.

Lepas check up I waited for a few minutes for my room to be ready then the nurse brought us to my room.As we were about to enter the room, I can see Dr.Karamjit at the counter. She asked the nurse and the nurse said she was going to send me to my room.BUT, Dr.Karamjit asked her to bring me to the LR instead sebab dia cakap muka aku dah pucat macam sakit sangat dah (hell yeah memang sakit). I was so nervous and scared. Dalam hati dah cakap "dah sudah beranak dekat Dr.Karamjit lagi. Memang jodoh je hapa ni?" *LOL*

So the nurse brought me to the LR. Dah ready tukar baju and stuff pastu baring atas katil while waiting for the doctor to come (I was still hoping it was not Dr.Karamjit who will attend me.LOL). Siap tanya nurse doc mana in charge then she said maybe Dr.Karamjit. My hubs and I laughed because she was the last person I want to deliver with. Then I was given a medicine to empty my bowel.When I was doing my business in the toilet, boleh dengar orang dekat LR sebelah dok meneran nak besalin. Since it was my second time so memang tak takut pun. Kalau first time mesti aku locked diri dalam toilet tu tak mau besalin *HAHAHAHAHA*
Then my hubs came and join me in the LR while waiting for the doc to come. We chatted a bit,took lots of picture of the huge me and waited patiently for the doc.

Then, Dr.karamjit masuk *senyum tawar*. Dia nak pecahkan air ketuban. She told my hubs to wait outside (He wouldn't dare to stay.*LOL*). It took only a minute and then pop dah pecah. Dr.Karamjit cakap air ketuban rasa panas sebab kurang air. I told her that I was fasting and that explained why. So she asked the nurse to put on drip. Masa ni Hubs was there tapi sanggup tak tengok. Dr.Karamjit and the nurse chatted with us while she was putting on the drip. She told my hubs to be next to me during my labour tapi biasala sebab takut pengsan dia tak nak. The nurse @ Mdm Kwan and Dr. Karamjit dok reassured him to stay. Siap cakap berkat bulan puasa and with him on my side nanti senang nak besalin. I just laughed because I knew he won't. Dr.karamjit siap cakap nak ikat dia dekat katil so that he won't leave. He held my hand and stayed on my side the whole time sambil berzikir and baca some surah to me. Mdm.Kwan came every half and hour. She checked on me while filling up some forms and asking a few questions regarding my previous labour. She told me that she will teach me some techniques to help ease the pain without having to take any painkiller or epidural which will cost some on the bill. Mdm.Kwan is a very nice person. She told us a lot of stories and her experiences of being a nurse for 40 years. Doktor masa check up tu pun naik dalam sejam macam dia cakap nak pecahkan air ketuban tapi Mdm.Kwan informed her that Dr.Karamjit had done that so she wished me good luck and went back.

About an hour macam tu Mdm.Kwan tukar drip baru and she was asked to insert some medicine to the drip by Dr.Karamjit. Mdm.Kwan said that the baby should and will be out before she ended her duty that day. Dia siap suruh zikir and baca doa lagi and told my I will be ready to push by 30 minutes. Dr.Karamjit came and said that her duty was about to end and she remind Mdm.Kwan that it should be Dr.Ummul who attend me not other doctor. I was so happy to hear that.
After 20 minutes the contraction was getting stronger and hideous. Mdm.Kwan taught me the technique she promised earlier. And to my surprise, it worked. The pain went off when I did the breathing techniques she taught. *WOW*.

I had never felt any pain stronger than this before. It felt like I was about to die and I was struggling to breath properly. Masa my first labour pon tak sakit macam ni. Lagi 5 minit nak besalin baru rasa sakit nak push the baby out. Patut la orang cakap sakit macam nak putus nyawa. Seriously macam nak putus nyawa. Dr.Ummul came and checked on me. She told Mdm.Kwan to call her when I am ready to push.

Hubs kept on reminding me to breath properly and recite some doa and zikir to lessen the pain. After 30 minutes of awful and hideous pain, I told Mdm. Kwan that I felt like pushing. She called Dr.Ummul and by that time everything was ready (read: the equipment). My hubs was still beside me holding my hand. I was so closed to crying when he wanted to stay and give me support.
Dr.Ummul said that I can start pushing whenever I was ready. Just so you know that we should and must push when the contraction came. Bukan main push suka hati macam dalam TV okay? Drama ja semua tu! On my first push, it was a long one and the painful one because time tu la crowning (sila google untuk tau apa itu crowning). Then the contraction gone. Dr.Ummul asked me to recite some zikir while waiting for the contraction to come. Lepas tu datang balik and I pushed. But Dr.Ummul said my second push was not a correct one and I knew it as well. She also said that the baby's head could be seen already means that it should be out soon. The third contraction came and I was so ready to push. It was the longest push and I pushed with all my might that I myself wondered where the strength came from. Finally we can hear the little one crying so loud at 12.52pm. I could see my hubs smiling and I myself couldn't stop smiling. All the pain was gone when I see the little one. It worth the hideous 11 hour of labour pain. Mr.Hubs cut the little one's umbilical cord too. How precious ;)
While Mdm.Kwan cleaned the little one and hubs being a paparazi, Dr.Ummul took out the placenta and boy it was the goriest thing ever because you can see so much blood coming out from your huu haa. What makes me happy was that there was no stitches needed as 'it' was intact. *pat my back*

When everything was okay, I was pushed to my room to rest. It was a tiring labour as I didn't have enough sleep and the contraction pain was the longest compared to my first one. I am proud of myself that I can go through the pain without taking any painkiller and I know it was the best decision ever even though the pain was indescribable. It was out of the world. But to potential mommies out there, please don't be scared as the experience/pain/journey is different for each person. You might have a smooth one. Hey, my first one was an easy one. So yeah, it's your luck and takdir.

So, introducing our second pride and joy, Uzair Rifdy Bin Shaiful Anuar. Weighing 2.85kg at birth

This is him in mommy's womb. Week 30. See, he was smiling :)

Me in the LR. My tummy looked weird because there was this CTG thingy on it 

Hot from the oven :)

His first month. Weighing 4.6kg

His smile is addictive.

My every morning view

His latest picture. 2 mo weighing 6kg++

Mommy, daddy and abang Umar love you baby. Hopefully you will grow up as a healthy and happy baby. Jadi anak yang soleh ye nak?

Phewwww..finally I managed to finish this long post after god knows how many attempts. Dah boleh buat post lain. nanti buat post pasal confinement period pulak okay? Happy reading.

Mommy of two handsome boys :)

p/s: I tried to upload a video of him right after he was out of my womb but there's something wrong with this lappy. There are some other pictures too but too bad tak boleh upload. kalau boleh nanti i'll update :)