I'm so excited to be back to the office...NOT!

hahahaha..so today is my first day back to the office after 90 days of leave. It was super hard for me to wake up this morning and lucky me that Mr.Hubs wanted to send me to the office today.  I love you baby! The little one macam tau-tau je mommy dah start keje hari ni so semalam dia acted up a bit, asyik terjaga je. That explains why I was late today. *LOL*
So Tim, silalah rajin ye. Jangan malas-malas. October until December adalah tough months sebab macam-macam kena complete especially my thesis. Dah tak nak pikir dah lepas ni. I just want to get over and done with it. Dah tak boleh nak keep calm dah. Once dah habis thesis we are going for a vacayyyyyyy!

Dah, senyum yang menyimpan seribu makna sangat tuuuuuu.hahahaha!
Okay later alligator, kena buat-buat rajin ni :P

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