First World Problem

So..first world problem for breastfeeding mommy is when you leave your breast pump at home and your office is like miles awayyyy.
Me on the other hand, all packed before going out and so yakin one semua dah bawak. I double checked everything.EVERYTHING.
I was about to unload the precious fluid when my sister text me telling me that I left the tube. How on earth am I supposed to pump when there's no tube meh? Aiyoo, acaner ni? mau meletop la sbb engorged. I need to unload for god sake. My sister buat lawak suruh pump guna tangan. Oh can I? erkk..it would take foreverrrrr!
To make it worse, I didn't drive to work today. Mr.Hubs sent me this morning. Andddd, his office is the other end of the world. I.WANT.TO.CRY.NOW.

Sila jangan leaking.

Silly me!!!!Silly me!!!!

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