Confinement period story

I'm currently multitasking. I'm reading, surfing and bouncing sleeping Uzair. Phewwwww,  I'm all good..I'm all good!

While I'm having this reader's block, lets rest for a while and update this blog. Lemme tell you about my confinement period story. My pantang days were great. I love being in confinement period. It's where you can feel the TLC all around the clock despite sleep deprived. BUTTT, this time around my confinement days are in the month of Syawal. Imagine not having to eat all the good food, it was such a torture. When people were enjoying their ketupat, kuah kacang and the list goes on, I have to restrain myself from curik-curik makan. *LOL*

However, since I didn't have any stitches after labour, I can somehow skip the extreme pantang. I can still enjoy nasi impit with rendang ayam but no no ketupat *cries blood*.

The great thing about pantang is when you don't have to do other things rather than look after you baby and yourself. I had my meals for 6 times a day without having to worry on gaining weight. I lost my weight after a week despite eating like a hungry monkey and was back to my pre pregnancy weight *yeay me*.

Makan was never a problem to me. Orang lain kebanyakkannya tak ada selera masa pantang tapi aku sangatla berselera masa pantang. I can finish a full plate of nasi during lunch and dinner. How cool is that? My favourite dish would be ikan merah masam asam with lots of ginger and onion + sayur air sawi. Ohhhh, it was my gourmet meal. *LOL* I will have my in-between-heavy-meal snacks everyday. There will be 3 times of snacks in which I will have a mug of hot milo/horlicks cicah biskut kering. The best snack I tell you. Tak payah dapat churros or macaroon pon I was a happy mommy still :)

My mak will prepare a tungku (a huge and heavy rock whick looks like chicken drumstick.mine weighing around 6kgs) every morning and at nights. Masa bertungku ni kena selimut badan, put on socks and switched off the fan and it should be around 1 hour per session. I sweat like a pig and that explained why I lost weight so quickly.

At nights, my sister would wrap a bengkung on me which I totally love. The bengkung lasted until I finished my confinement period and it shaped my body and shed all the baby fat on my tummy.

Oh my mak is a very strict confinement lady *ahahahahaha*
She'll never let a day goes by by not doing all the pantang routines. During my first time, I was so close to crying when I was force to tungku and bengkung but now I'm loving all of it.

I know some people despise confinement period because they cannot eat so many things and they cannot even go out of the house. As for me, I enjoyed it so much. It was when I can spend the time on my own and I can bond with my babies.

So ladiesi, please do pantang after you deliver. You might say that it's not important and you are okay even you didn't pantang afater you delivered but it will be a long term effect. Trust me you will feel that you aged before the time if you skip your pantang days. I have my mandatory 44 days pantang and still under pantang though until the 100th day. You will also amaze at how pantang will help you shed all the stubborn fat without having to cost you any thing.

My Fav drink, hot horlicks and you gotta dunk biskut kering in it. sodap weii.Milo woks wonder too :)

Official pantang attire : T-shirt + kain batik + socks

My lavish pantang meals :)
Till then..later alligatorrrrrr

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