Eid 2011

oh my..i am now so freaking lazy to update my blog.dah berhabuk blog ni.well,sorry for the lack of update.i don't know what goes into me lately.i feel so lazy to do anything.could it be hormones?hahaha :P

oh before it's too late...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all.i had a blast Eid with my family and in laws.the very 1st time to celebrate raya as a wifey and mommy to be.i was spoiled with lotsa food.you just name it,semua sapat.i think that is the perks of being pregnant.semua yang nak makan orang penuhi =)

but this year's raya was also my 1st time to celebrate raya without abah.it felt different,he was the one yang selalu sibuk prepare itu ini masa dia sihat.masa dia sakit dia selalu tanya barang2 dah cukup or not and me made sure everything was all set.
abah,we missed you so much.mak would have felt the same way too i bet.my brother told us that mak cried after solat maghrib on the eve of raya and by knowing that made me cry as well.mesti mak rasa kehilangan abah.but we know that mak sangat tabah and kuat.we as her children have to be strong as well.al-fatihah to my late abah

oh and this year's raya marked the 1st raya for me to celebrate it at my in laws'.sedih okay but i'm adapting and i was good to be able to feel the different way of raya.well as my hubby is javanese or jowo so a bit different of what i used to go through before.the food was awesomeness =)

i ate my heart out..gobbled down everything that was on the table especially kuah lodeh made by MIL..hahahaha..she makes the most awesome kuah lodeh.

the lil one inside dapat advance duit raya jugak.mommy excited sebab tiap2 kali orang bagi duit raya the lil one kicked.haha..macam paham2 ja.

so now enjoy my raya pictures beauties