I found this cute site photovisi for photo collage


comel tak?????hehehe :P


it's the end

The classmates with Dr.Kimmy
different position and pose but same people

yesterday was our very last class of Language and Social Context with Dr.Kimmy. ooo emm geee it's almost the end of semester already. we did our presentation on major project and alhamdulillah everything went well.it's just that we need to add a bit of here and there for a better result but overall it was a big relief *phew*

Dr.Kimmy's class was my favourite class for this semester. she's a laid back lecturer and treated us like adults. but then masa presentation semalam she showed the strict side of her.maybe sebab she has countless experiences in research so she wants us to do the best in it and be on the right track.right after everybody had presented,she was back to the normal Dr.Kimmy :D

i will miss attending this class.i had so much fun and learned so many things from her.

p/s: her skirt and mine are quite similar.hahahahaha.oh by the way, dia yang ajak ambik gambar okayyy!




BBW is back and everyone is going nuts about it,including moi.haha.
many of my friends went there during the very first day but i went there last monday with my colleagues.
i spent only RM79 and was able to get books for me, mr.hubs and Umar. i didn't spend a lot and buy too many books because there were too many books and i felt like taking them all and the other reason was, i might not be able to find time time to read them all.even until next BBW.

so yeah..here's the pictures of my loot us the happy people :)

moi and colleagues

happy faces

my loot

happy us.happy me




you never failed to surprise me Nadzrah 
Thus i officially despise you.
please stop treating us like kids.we are all grown ups.