Malaysia Kini

i guess many people are against those who badmouth other products just because they are selling 'a better' one right?well, same goes to political parties.i'm not into any political party but it's so sad to see and observe here in Malaysia, those who are in the lines bashing one another.

hello, we are facing more serious and deadly matter.please stop that for a while and think of those in Palestine will ya?use your time badmouthing or bashing to either pray or contribute something for them.
penat la tengok and dengar dok bergaduh pasai politik.get a life people! *peace*

concern observer;


somebody turns 1 today!

Happy birthday mommy's little star, Umar Rifqy!

how time flies.now my son is already 1 year old.he's a boy now,no longer a baby but to me he'll always be my baby.it's a very emotional moment because knowing that he'll grow up and might not be as close as we are today freaks me out but seeing him grow as one happy and healthy baby gives me joy.it's a mixed feelings.i don't know whether this is normal or i am the only abnormal mommy but yeah,those are what i feel right now.

Dear son,
mommy and daddy love you so much.everybody loves you.you know we do.mommy prays for all the greatest things in life for you and hope you will grow up as a good,happy,kind,intelligent and soleh son,grandson,nephew and sibling to your family and may one day you will be one of those who contributes to the nation and religion.i might have a hectic life but i will never abandon you.please bear with mommy's terrible life now.it will end in 1 year time.please know that mommy and daddy will always be with you through the thickest and thinnest.one day, if you were to read this post i just want you to know that we love you with all our hearts.

i'm looking forward to see you grow up in the future.may Allah bless you munchkin :)

the day he turns one

the small intimate celebration 

his homemade birthday cake since he loves chocolate cake :)

right after he woke up this morning <3 p="p">



my MA journey

hello dusty blog!
sangat busy sampai tak sempat nak update blog.haih,dah rasa macam PM la pulak busy memanjang.well, that's life kan?i choose this way so kenapa nak mengeluh kan? 
well, now i'm in my second semester of my master journey.the first semester was rough but i managed to get excellent result.i never thought that i would perform but yeah it worth every little hard works,it pays. thanks to my adik-adik who are my classmates cum group mates. they helped me A LOT during my first semester when i was still crawling to the right track.thank you girls :)

my second semester is awful *sigh*. the beginning of second semester was terrible as well. macam dah bagi sign time tu yang i will go through rougher path in semester 2.tu baru time registration tau.we added and dropped subjects for so many freaking times.macam nak menangis pon ada but Alhamduillah everything settled during the third week.this semester pulak dapat satu lecturer yang..ermm.how should i put it ya?she's no cruela devil but come on Dr.N, we are part timers and grown ups why should you treat us like undergrads?the other lecturer are chillex and superb.

tapi kesian to my babies (hubs n son) sebab since i have a hectic life,i think i didn't provide them enough of what they suppose to get,i mean the TLC and attention. nasib baik la mr.hubs is so understanding.sometimes, he's the one yang prepares the food *sigh* and gives endless support and motivation.thank u love :)
hopefully i could nail this semester like what i did previously.hope it worth the sweat and tears. ni baru coursework tau,bukan buat dissertation lagi.kalau buat dissertation mau jadi zombie :P
good luck to me and my other
aja aja fighting!!

p/s: MA is certainly a hard time for those who are married and have baby(s).i kid u not!