confinement is over!! Let's partayyyyyy!!

yippaaa..finally i can get over and done wit my confinement period but i still have to pantang certain food since baru2 lagi and my baby is breastfeeding.what a good way to end my year ey??
can't wait to do my total make over,yes,i really need a total make over..some me-time to pamper myself after god knows when was the last time i pampered myself.

before i put a stop to my last post of 2011,Happy New Year everybody.i had a great 2011 and ope that 2012 will treat me well :)



mangkuk tingkat!!

i am freaking mad right now! can u imagine i didn't get my claim for extra hours teaching last semester just yet.i has been 8 fuggin months.what the hell are you guys doing with my claim form?ni yang big momma nak mengamuk ni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hantu btol la dua manusia kat claim department ni.nak aku pegi mengamuk baru nak buat keje ke?sama je hantu bos ngan staff dia.dua2 tak leh pakai!
last week aku called cakap ada correction kat memo pastu cakap nak hantar kat bursary that day tapi hari ni rose chantek called cakap tak hantar2 lagi.nak tunggu aku gi hantar untuk korang ke hantu???

dari aku pregnant tak nampak perut,sampai boyot sampai dah bersalin sampai dah sebulan pon baby aku, claim tu still tak dapat2.i don't have forever to wait for my own freaking money!

seriously shidah and khairul, both of you are messing with the wrong person(s)!you are so gonna get it from us!

aku sangat marah;

oh my!!

me n hubster took Umar for his monthly check up and jab. he slept all the way until we reached the hospital and whilst waiting for our turn.he now weighs 4.8kgs which is a bit of surprise for us.i thought he would only weigh 4kgs.hahaha.bravo lil man :D

well, i'll be going back to my hometown in Kedah and finish up my confinement period there.need to do post-natal massage and shave Umar's head bald.i'll be staying there for some weeks and that means hubster will be staying here bujangan :D

so this is Umar's pic at the hospital

Umar in his deep sleep



1 month

heyyy,it has been a month since i gave birth to my lil knight and that means Umar is 1 month old and i have another 2 weeks to end my confinement..yeayness!!

i never thought time would pass by so fast even u do nothing and despite the stress and boredom of couldn't even get out of the house.it feels great to wake up every morning and have my two precious men on my side :)

so update on Umar:
#1 - he can be demanding at times in which i should attend to his needs on time in order not to let him cries his lungs out :P
#2 - he has double chin and chubbier cheeks now.plus i think he gains some weight too.
#3 - he sleeps almost all the time during the day and except when i change his diapers,nurse him and take him to bath (2x a day).at night he wakes up about 2-3 times (or more) and sometimes he can stay awake from 1am-4am (that is when i have my sleepless night)
#4 - he will cry or make funny sounds whenever he is wet or hungry
#5 - he always smiles and sometimes giggles in his sleep.kadang2 time jaga pon boleh gelak mengekek2 sorang2.FUNNY :D

proud mommy :)


welcoming my knight

wow..it has been 3 weeks since i wrote here.well,i safely delivered my baby knight on November the 15th (less than 24hours after my last post here).this might
be a very long post but hey,this is the only way for me to record the experience of my first labour :)

-morning until night-

i went through my normal day at home.since it was near my due date so i already on my leave.everything was okay and normal just like any other ordinary day.that very evening mr.hubster came from work and we took Uwais to SACC Mall for a walk.i didn't feel anything except for having diarrhea sine morning.i didn't know that it was a sign of labour though.that day i just ate nasi with tom yam and that night i took a piece of big apple donut and a bowl of tom yam (walaupon sakit perut tapi still nak makan tom yam)

ok that evening, me and my friend talked about some ways untuk cepatkan labor.it was hilarious because she said one of the ways is by having sex.i just laughed.i did googled the ways and it's true that having sex could speed up labor *LMOA*
well of course there are lots of other ways such as eating spicy food.that was why i ate tom yam even though i had diarrhea.


i sleep early that night.lately i always sleep early sebab cepat sangat penat.walaupon perut kecik jek tapi mak aii penat jugak rasa.while i was deep in my sleep suddenly i felt something wet.oh noo don't tell me i wet my bed but hey dah tua2 ni takkan nak wet on bed lagi kot kan?i felt the liquid and dang i think my water bag just broke.i woke mr.hubster up and dia pon macam mimpi2 lagi.he brought me to the toilet to check again and yes memang betol la dah pecah. so he packed all my stuff,took the baby's bag and brought me to the Hospital.nasib baik dekat je,within 5minutes dah sampai hospital.then he registered me and the nurse took me to the labor room *freaked out*

the only doctor on duty that night was the doctor i wished i would never see again which was Dr.Karamjit *dang*..i really want to give birth with Dr.Ummul but since Dr.Ummul will only be on duty next morning so i just go with the flow.dalam hati doa mintak2 bersalin lepas time Dr.Karamjit habis.hahahahahha :D
the doctor checked and i dilated about 2cm.okay we still have plenty of time i think.then the nurse took me to the ward.me n hubster chose a room with 2 bed since i know hubster was freaking sleepy at that time.nak share bed macam tak muat je,kang tak pasal2 aku yang jatuh katil.at first nak ambik bilik sorang tapi penuh la pulak (ramai ye orang bersalin time tu?)

- 2am-3am -
i couldn't sleep that night.might be takut or sebab terkejut.hahahhaha.nurse dah masukkan drip kat tangan so agak susah nak gerak and dia cucuk drip tu way too sakit.lagi sakit dari bersalin :P
the contractions came every 15minutes.he held my hand all night long,just to ease my pain.tak sakit pon but ntah tak leh nak describe contractions tu macam mana.then at 3am-ish,hubster dah mengantuk so i asked him to sleep on the other bed.but he kept on waking up and tanya sakit ke tak.

- 4am-5am -
this is the time when i felt the intense contractions.the pain came every 5mintues.time tu takut sangat and i woke hubster up.since still ada leaking so i have to change.at that moment rasa nak pegi toilet pon takut..seriously!then Dr.karamjit came for another check up.she said i dilated around 6cm already.she asked whether i would want to have epidural or painkiller but i refused because i would like to give birth naturally (ya right!!!)
20minutes passed and the pain was getting hideous.i told hubster that i can't take the pain anymore and would want to have painkiller only.he called out the nurse and the docter came and gave me painkiller in the drip.tak sampai seminit and the doctor pun tak sempat pusing keluar bilik aku dah high.high in the sense yang i mumbled like a child.hubster couldn't even get waht i said.the next few second i felt asleep.tapi time tu tido pon asyik terjaga and terkejut.i dunno why,maybe the drug was too strong kot.

around 530am,i woke up and the pain was unbearable.macam dah nak keluar sangat2 okay!hubster called out the nurse and she checked but i was not fully dilated but man it was way too painful for me.so she called the doctor and Dr.Karamjit instructed her to push me to the labor room *freaked out*
hubster refused to be in the labor room with me because he has haemophobia (phobia of blood) so instead of creating chaos in the labor room i chose to be on my one.hey,i am one strong mommy to be :P
in the labor room, the doctor asked me to strip off my kain sarung and lie on the bed.i was struggling because the pain was beyond words but i tried.the next second the doctor asked me to push..dalam high2 plus lapar tu i can still hear she said "push dear,we can see his head already"..dengar je macam tu terus aku push sekuat hati.the next thing i know dah dengar my baby menangis.my baby was out at 6.09am.he cried so loud that hubster could hear from outside.well,i cried too tapi bukan la bersungguh2,just a few drops of mix feelings tears..it was such an emotional moment and now i am a mother :)
lepas tu all the pain seemed to be ripped out off my body.seriously dah hilang semua sakit even the doctor jahit pon tak rasa.when everything was settled, the nurse called hubster.i could see he was smiling from ear to ear.he's one happy dad :D
lepas dah cuci the baby hubster azankan the baby.it was again such an emotional moment.dah la pagi2 buta,hening je.hahahahha.

so we are now officially a proud parents of Umar Rifqy Bin Shaiful Anuar :)
oh..lupa plak..yes i gave birth to Umar with Dr.Karamjit.hambik kau tak nak sangatttt!!

here are some pictures of Umar during his few hours after being delivered.enjoy!!!

p/s : mommy-to-be, don't be scared of giving birth.kalau ada orang cakap sakit macam nak mati tu tak la,sakit but not to the extend menjerit2 macam dalam drama.tu sangat drama okay.worth the pain :)



not the time just yet

tick tock..tick tock..
wooo..waiting really makes me nervous.
the lil one decides to stay a bit longer inside so yeah, am still pregnant =p

but it's gonna be soon as what the doc said

went for check up yesterday.went through CTG (to check the baby's heartbeat) as well.man i love the ward..macam dok dalam hotel.lol
ada microwave and mini bar summore and plus the room is huge.
the price is not that high,affordable.we like =)
the doc is nice too.bukan macam the other doc tu,mencuakkan aku ja cakap kena besalin awal sebab baby besar.waaaa!!!

so baby,we can't wait to see you and hold you.



i'm now in the heaven on earth

my home.my kampung.



that's why i smile

there's no reason for me not to be happy since i have a wonderful family, in laws and most importantly an amazing hubster who cares for me.

i have been spoiled with delicious food & TLC :P

this is the perk of being pregnant i know.but nayy, hubster spoiled me all the time.LOL

baby i know u gonna read this somehow.

i love you beyond words. we love you.

you make me happy, so does the baby :D

the reason for me to smile my whole life :)





the first attempt was 60/40 menjadi :P

well,there's always first time right.still got some room for improvement.yet to make the frosting.maybe tomorrow since we are tired and mommy is here.


blissful friday

accompanied mr.hubster to his office
went to CITTA for some walk and bought some baking stuff.

we are going to bake.

red velvet cuppies.

what say you?

gotta upload the pixie once the cuppies are done :)



it's all about the money..erkk..my money!!

i need my freaking moneyyhhh!!!

well,this is not fabulous anymore!!!


A year through

time flies so fast without us realizing it..it's what most people said.well, time does fly.as for me,i have been through one fantastic year of marriage.yeap, on 25th Septermber 2011 marked a year of me n mr.hubster's marriage.


we have been through a lot throughout this one year.it's a bittersweet journey.i won't say that everything that we have been through was all sweet.sometimes we did quarrel :P
but trust me,the disagreements make us stronger than ever.well, it's not that we quarrel over every single and simple thing.biasa la kan, sometimes akan ada terasa hati,ter'over acting but we apologize and we compromise.tambah2 now that i'm preggy,lagi la cepat terasa hati (it shows that aku la yang slalu carik pasal)

we have been through an amazing year.we learned a lot about each other more than we did before..mr.hubster is an amazing husband,best friend, listener, adviser and daddy-to-be.i couldn't thank him enough for every single thing that he did for me.i really appreciate his presence..Alhamdulillah Allah sent me this precious gift as my husband :)

to mr.hubster @ Shaiful Anuar, thank you for being there for me whenever i need you.i know i can count on you as a husband, friend and father to our baby.i treasure every minute and second living with you and i am looking forward for more years to come.i might not have expensive gift to give you but i promise to be the best for you and cherish you as long as my heart beats..
i love you baby



Eid 2011

oh my..i am now so freaking lazy to update my blog.dah berhabuk blog ni.well,sorry for the lack of update.i don't know what goes into me lately.i feel so lazy to do anything.could it be hormones?hahaha :P

oh before it's too late...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all.i had a blast Eid with my family and in laws.the very 1st time to celebrate raya as a wifey and mommy to be.i was spoiled with lotsa food.you just name it,semua sapat.i think that is the perks of being pregnant.semua yang nak makan orang penuhi =)

but this year's raya was also my 1st time to celebrate raya without abah.it felt different,he was the one yang selalu sibuk prepare itu ini masa dia sihat.masa dia sakit dia selalu tanya barang2 dah cukup or not and me made sure everything was all set.
abah,we missed you so much.mak would have felt the same way too i bet.my brother told us that mak cried after solat maghrib on the eve of raya and by knowing that made me cry as well.mesti mak rasa kehilangan abah.but we know that mak sangat tabah and kuat.we as her children have to be strong as well.al-fatihah to my late abah

oh and this year's raya marked the 1st raya for me to celebrate it at my in laws'.sedih okay but i'm adapting and i was good to be able to feel the different way of raya.well as my hubby is javanese or jowo so a bit different of what i used to go through before.the food was awesomeness =)

i ate my heart out..gobbled down everything that was on the table especially kuah lodeh made by MIL..hahahaha..she makes the most awesome kuah lodeh.

the lil one inside dapat advance duit raya jugak.mommy excited sebab tiap2 kali orang bagi duit raya the lil one kicked.haha..macam paham2 ja.

so now enjoy my raya pictures beauties



bun in the oven

pictures speak thousand words..
i feel blessed.bliss.
the journey that i would treasure my entire life.
growing up a person is totally the best moment :)

first comes love..next comes marriage..then comes baby
*credit to loveactually*



what a day

herm...i met with an accident at the roundabout nearby my house yesterday on my way back home from the office.it happened in a blink of an eye.*terrible*

i was coming down from the dataran shah alam. i was on the left lane and there was a very shittyhead long green car next to me who was hesitating to go out of the lane into the roundabout.i thought he ( well,i guess the driver was a guy) was going out since like seriously kepala dah terjulur keluar sangat2 from the lane.the next second i realized was a BANG on my door on the driver's side.*screamed*..sangat tragik macam dalam filem.

then i stopped a bit to the front to avoid traffic jammed.the other car who banged on my car was a Kembara.she stopped as well.i asked her to stop at the street nearby my house. the first thing she asked me was "akak okay ke?did you hurt somewhere?"..i was having my 10minutes panic attack so did she.my heart was pumping so hard that i could hear it beating so loudly and i was shivering.the only answer i gave her was "akak okay tapi i had my panic attack i guess"..she also blamed the shittyhead long green car because the car was hesitating (damn i curse you green volvo because now i remember what car are you!!!!!!).

the first person i called was my sister because i was so blurred.then i called my husband since i'm not sure whether he was still in the office or on his was home.he was still in the office at that time and quickly rushed home. the girl called her fiancé and the next 10minutes he came.my bro in law and sister arrived the next 10minutes. i was still in shocked at that moment.so i told the whole lot of stories to them so did the girl.

the funny thing is the girl ingat i was a makcik who was going to fire her with curses.hahahahha..makcik la sangat dik!

then my husband arrived.he talked to the girl's fiancé and a call man who happened to be the girl's fiancé ex colleague since that guy used to be a call man before.we settle the things there and i was so thankful that everything went well.takut jugak la since i was alone and there were some guys including the girl and her friend before my bro in law, sister and husband arrived.

me, my husband and bro in law went to nearby police station to lodge a report.i took a freaking 3 hours before i can lodge my report (kepada IPD tersebut, silalah turunkan Piagam Pelanggan anda yang menyatakan bahawa pelanggan akan di layan dalam tempoh masa 30 minit.what a shame!). so after lodging the report and some investigation, it was said to be my fault.yes i admit it was my fault legally but not logically (hantu betol volvo hijau tu!)

we arrived home near 11pm and i was so freaking tired. haih,what a day! i accept all those as HIS test.so SABAR!!!!

but i was thankful that i was okay without any injury.i know HE was protecting me sebab everytime pon akan baca doa.kereta boleh hantar workshop and baiki tapi aku tak sanggup nak masuk workshop untuk dibaiki..ALHAMDULILLAH~~

moral of the story, jangan keluar kalau kereta kat sebelah is hesitating.baik pegi langgar je kereta tu :P

and i am blessed to have a very wonderful hubby who is there for me all the time.nasib baik tak kena marah..dah takut kena marah.he said that it was a test from HIM so he asked me to be sabar. *oh terharu*

i love you hubby.thank you.



i never thought....

i thought you are a saint but i think it's not too much to say that you are worst than what you have said to other people.well said lady, i never thought you would say such things to another girl.you made her feel cheap by calling her bad name but what makes you a different person by saying that?are you afraid that she'll take your other half because you did the same thing to the other girl before?young lady, remember that what goes around comes around.HE is watching over whatever you did.i might not be fair to just listen to one side only but thinking back of what i've been through, i think you are that kind of person.

too bad you give me a bad impression already.it's not that i care,i have my own life now but pity you other half.i thought he'll be in a good hands and i thought you are better but you are turning him into a different person.may ALLAH show you the way and lead you to the right path.i'm not praying for the worst, i just want HIM to show both of you the right path.



so we bid goodbye to him

adios sensei...

well,yesterday we did a lil farewell party for rafi since it would be his few last days at the office. we had lunch at kenny rogers midvalley (since semua orang malu2 nak buat decision nak makan kat mana.ntah apa2)...

so after this no more sensei who is our source of gossips..hahahaha..i can still remember clearly the way he was gossiping yesterday.we really laugh our ass out!!

may you have a wonderful journey ahead after this rafi..selamat la ko pegi jalan2 nanti which i know you will soon.selamat menjalankan kehidupan baru,cewah ayat tak bleh blah :p

you'll be missed

so we did take a few pics with each other just to kill the time

oh..i like this pix :p

*bajet ntahpape*

asal muka u excited ni?dengar gossip ehhh?

leng loi..

menempek di situ

me n sensei..sibok je ngn BB dia :P

ko dah kenape? *tiru suara rafi*

oopss..tak sempat pose except for cammy.lol




some people keep on asking me why i didn't make my blog public.well, it's not that i don't want to make it public,if i do i'll simply make my blog private.it's just that i don't think it's necessary for me.blogging is just a way for me to put everything i feel into words because i'm suck at bursting it out orally.i rather keep quiet.

so for those who know that i have a blog, they know la.for those who don't, just let them read other blogs because mine is not that WOWW pon.lol

but i do love blog walking.awwww, it's such a therapy for me :)

this is what i look like whenever i do blog walking.ngeheee,excited.by the way, the pelamin at the back is gorgeous :)



my poor baby kicap

damn..i met with an accident this morning.i was so shocked.me n mr.hubs were on our way back home from pasar.at one of the freaking roundabout in S.Alam,ada la satu hamba Allah ni bawak motor.semakin my hubs ke tepi makin dia himpit our car.my hubs ke tepi lagi n there he was again himpit our car.then the next thing we knew dia dah kiss pintu kereta aku.OMG..memang la aku terkejut kan.i asked my hubs to stop in front sebab mamat tu dah jatuh motor tengah2 jalan (gosh,i really wanna pray that one car could just hit him right at that moment..akan ku ceritakan kenapa)

dah mr hubs berhenti kat tepi aku pon jenguk la keluar tingkap..damnnnnn my baby dah teruk kena calar and berlekuk kat pintu.banyak okayyyyyy!i was so mad macam nak keluar kereta maki that freakinglittleshittyman.my hubs tunggu tepi kereta sebab dekat roundabout kan,so tunggu dia bangun and once dia dah bangun and naik motor my hubs panggil dia, ingat dia nak berhenti kat sebelah but dia terus bawak motor and gave us an innocent grin.goshhhhhhhhh..kau memang la manusia!!!sebab kau salah kan manusia!!! i curse u for the rest of your life dude! i was so freaking mad.kurang ajar punya mangkuk!

my hubs cakap dia macam mamat i***n yang macam lalok..yes indeed dia nampak sangat lalok.i can still picture his grin.rasa macam nak g koyak mulut dia!!!!!!!!!!!!! SETANNNNNNNN!!!

haihhh..apala nasib.my baby baru ja back in shape semalam after god knows how long dia tak berapa in good condition.poor you baby.i promise once i have extra money i'll make you pretty again.sorry for hurting u baby!! *sob sob*

huuu..overall damage.damn u dude!

excuse the kotorness okay :D

ni sebab kena handle motor bongok tu!




i find it very hard to put things into words.i rather keep quiet.that's what i do best.but silence sometime makes me become pathetic.

i have been through a lot.too much love, too much care, too much hatred, too much pain, too many ups and downs.i have to endure those feelings.it kicks me real hard.

i know things happen but to put the pieces together again is such a hard work.



~~~ dugaan ~~~

it's not cool to be sick again after god knows when.i missed many things,my work as well.but this is life.sometimes we are healthy sometimes we are not ~~~Allahuakhbar~~~~

the last time i felt sick i chopped off my hair.should i do the same thing this time around?sayangnyaa but i really need a new hairdo.bosan.sebab tu demam.haha.tadak kena mengena.

my head is aching like hell but i have to finish marking the answer scripts.i have like bundles of them.urghhh..i really want to puke.it seems like i failed to finish what i am supposed to do during the holidays.

haven't been able to sleep well.it triggers my migraine.that's great.

i missed my friends at the office.hee..it was like forever.haha.




i don't freaking know what happened to my blog.i ended up being like what u see now.i need to fix everything pronto.plain black is cool but man,it's too plain.i need so colors to cheer me up.so i will figure out what is happening to my baby blog and insyaallah we'll have a new look soon baby :)



being me

being me is so complicated.i don't need people to understand me.i don't even understand myself some of the times.

my life revolves around all kind of people.that makes it hard for me to please each and everyone.but i don't think i need to please them in order to satisfy them.i have better things to do.i only want to please those i think would worth them.

some people could be so childish even if they claimed themselves as professional.owh people,please get a freaking life because you are better than that though.
sometimes,i get so sick of them that i wish i could kick their ass off the world.seriously people,you deserved that.

but i am thankful that there are still few people in my life who cheer me up through thick and thin.i have my darling hubby,my lovely family,my beautiful besties and wonderful friends.thank you for putting a smile on my face whenever you are around.loving everybody to bits :)

my darling hubby

my lovely parents

my lovely siblings

my lovely in laws

my beautiful besties

my beautiful besties

my beautiful besties

the complicated yours truly :p




we woke up early today.haha.memang patut pon sebab my MIL is here already.pagi2 dah dengar bunyi2 kat dapur,so being a good DIL that i am (ok,sila jangan baca) i woke up and helped her preparing for breakfast.today we have many people at home exclude my FIL who went back to kampung to see nenek n atok.we have abg saril and kak faizah, also akmal n umairah.

after breakfast we went to OU for a movie with his colleagues n their wives.we watched Gulliver's Travel.it was good though because i used to learn about Gulliver's Travel back then in IIUM (it's either English Literature or American Literature i couldn't recall :p). Jack Black's version of GT was hilarious indeed.we had our good time watching it.after the movie we went to buy Cinnabon since hubby mengidam nak makan that thing and went straight home. sampai umah memang la langkah kanan sebab they were having their lunch at home.sodap betol MIL masak..ada sambal sotong (sangat extra hot sebab baru tiga suap dah rasa sakit perut), sayur and ikan tuna masak asam.me n hubby ate like there's no tomorrow (macam tak biasa pulak sebab yours truly ni memang suka sambal yang pedas).

the best part was we felt asleep after that but my hubby slept first..cisss macam mana nak kurus ni sayang?being health concious that i am so i waited until 45 minutes after the lunch (health concious la sangat cik tim!!).sodap tidoq lepas lunch..mari membina perut wahai rakan2.

those were things that we did today.now i just lepak in front of TV accompanying MIL tengok AJL..hehehehe..

till then..muahss



fabulous new year yauuuu :p

wow..how time flies.it's 2011 people!!!

2010 marked many changes in my life.i could say that 2010 was a challenging year for me to go through.bittersweet year indeed.

it has been a year since my life changed 360 degrees.i'm glad i've chosen this path instead of the other.i couldn't be happier :)

year 2010 witnessed me hating the people i love which i now regret so bad.i know they love me that was why they did what they did.

year 2010 also witnessed me being a wife to Mr. Shaiful Anuar.a man who never fails to make me happy and the one i could lean on to through thick and thin.he's my best friend,my good listener, my partner in crime, my laughing partner and my awesome hubby.

well...2010 also welcomed 2 new adorable babies in may family, Uwais Zariff and Nur Quzandria Elfeera.they are two beyond cute babies.

hopefully 2011 will be nice to me..to us.let's pray so that this new year brings happiness to all of us.

this is how we celebrated our new year :)

31/12/2010 ( Section 4, Shah Alam)

BBQ-ing at new house yauuu


1/1/2011 (Tasik Shah Alam)

elfee yang excited

he wanted to play like the grown ups

mengada2 with paksu

sister n bro in law

(On our way to Keramat)

yours truly :)


hubby shayang

yours truly AGAIN :)

introducing the new babies of our family....

Uwais Zariff

us with uwais bambam

Nur Quzandria Elfeera

this picture was taken minutes after delivery,fresh from oven :)

lots of love throughout the year;