ohhh...it's raining cats and dogs outside.it's getting colder and i just love this weather.

today is a public holiday thus it's time for me to rest my brain after 5 days of tortured.this morning i drove my sister and my nephew to the clinic.the lil boy is having flu.then went to Giant for a while before headed home.now since it's raining,we just stay home.

my bro in law and shaiful went out surveying the price of the raw material for their new house ie tiles,plaster ceiling and what not and also buying some stuff for wiring.if everything is going on smoothly,insyaallah Shah will start renovating the house ASAP and we might move out to the new house after eid.

oh i'm getting sleepy.gotta write some more later >_<



little craving - final part :D


Oh my cookies n cream

satisfying that's for sure :D

indulging the temptation =)


thanks sayang for the cookies n cream :D

you can only have some because of sore throat.BIG NO NO!


yayyy!there goes the lil craving.

my nose also want some cookies n cream :p

yeah,finally i got the ice cream,no more craving.thanks sayang for buying it for me.i know i can count on you.i know you will definitely making it real for me.

those pixies were taken after our iftar together.early the evening we went to Bukit Tinggi for a movie.we watched Avatar:The Last Airbender at last.we walked around the mall and looking for 'household items' which we are so gonna buy later for our 'heaven'.for now we have found some which might help and we are looking forward to buy them.

after the movie and window shopping,we went back to S.alam for iftar.he craved for nasi mamak (out of many food kan?) so we had our iftar at out fav mamak nearby his house.kesian pulak my sayang dah lama tak makan nasi mamak.mesti mamak tu rindu u okay!

then we went to Plaza Masalam for the ice cream.ngeheee :D

after that we went to the padang nearby Theatre House in S.alam for some lepak moment and ate some donuts (yes,i ate a lot tonight.so what?)

then we went to Tesco.i am going to cook him some spaghetti for iftar tomorrow.it has been a while since i cooked for him.takpela,my treat ok since u have fulfilled my craving.

i had lotsa fun today hanging out with him.je t'aime :D


i survived another day!

holla world =)

today marks the second day of me staying home all by my lonesome.my sister,bro in law and nephew are in Terengganu right now.i sent them to the airport last thursday and by that time the house is all mine.hehehehe.but then sometimes it freaks me out having a thought that i'll be home alone.it's not the 'thing' that freaks me out but the people.people nowadays cannot be trusted so i have to make sure i lock the door and what not over and over again before i go to sleep.

it's okay with me to stay all alone but my sisters are worried.they keep on checking me up,i know they love me.i might still be their baby sister but i'm big enough now to take care of myself.thanks for the concern but i promise i'll be okay and i'll be good.not to worry sistas!i don't really want to hassle my sister to come and accompany me here since she's working in KL.so i made up my mind to try and stay alone at home.try to survive on my own.hehehehe :D

last night my sayang asked me whether i would want to grab a late night drink with him.i know he was just want to accompany me and didn't want me to feel lonely but i refused since i know he was freaking sleepy at that time and he was home already so i really didn't want to bother him.i want him to have a good rest and sleep.i just let him had his iftar with his parents while i was at home watching Tv since i ate McD a few hours before and i was still full (oopSieeeE!)

today is saturday and so me n my sayang will go out later.just to jalan2 or watch movie (eh,bln puasa boleh tgk movie ke?ngeheeee :D)

surely we'll bukak puasa together today.

honey,thanks for always be there for me.i love u to bits!!!




i am super tired.just got back from IIUM.luckily the traffic is okay.if not i might sleep while driving because i am effin sleepy.

when i arrived home,i can hear sound of water pouring.ingatkan lupa nak tutup paip air but then i went to the toilet and checked only to find out that paip air dari tank tercabut.gosh,what a great thing to happen while i am so tired.NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

gosh,i really need some sleep now before i send my sister to the airport.



little craving (part II)

haha..i am still having this lil crave inside.gosh,it's fasting some more.
just now i was browsing through a magazine and read about Lecka Lecka at Starhill.hermmmm..the varieties of ice cream there are superb and the food looks tempting.
oOooOooOOOo......it will be so good if i can sit there and gobble down the ice cream and food and what not which are served there :D

haih,since it's Ramadhan i have to forget that for a while.maybe i could celebrate my ooh-so-coming-soon birthday there.ngeheeee :p



little craving :)

oOOoo..i really want to eat some ice cream right now,at this moment.cookies and cream would be just right:D
how am i supposed to get the ice cream at this hour and it's raining somemore outside.
dear god,can you not bring someone to my house who happens to bring ice cream to me?i can't ask from my sayang because he's home already and i know he's effin tired and sleepy.geheeee,tetiba ja crave for ice cream,i dunno why,it's so sudden.hahahah :D

but i am so sure if i mention this to him he'll definately buy me some,just like before.he'll get whatever i want ASAP!haha.i miss lepaking at Baskin Robin like before but now is Ramadhanand we rarely go out at night during Ramadhan :(

sayang,if you happen to read this,i just want to say,can i have some ice cream?could you please bring me to Baskin Robin now?pretty please????

much lov3;


iftar @ Qaseh

the table was booked by this young lady :)

before i gobbeled down eveything,muka puasa okay!

epy with his fav uncle-to-be @ bapak tiri :D

muka epy cam org puasa.ngeheee :D

he waited patiently for the food.good boy!

budak penat puasa mkn nasi dgn sambal okay!

these pixies were taken yesterday during our iftar at Qaseh, the place i was talking about in the last post.the price is affordable which is RM20 nett per head and the food was awesome,i would like to eat all but my tank is not that BIG :D
i was all full and satisfied.2 thumbs up!so dear friends,bila mau turun S.alam and iftar together?mariiii!!!

lotsa love;


something to share

yayy..it's weekend.due to fasting month,i just stay home,do some house chores (ala2 bibik) and play with epy..i didn't have any plan for today since i know my sayang would be helping his father today but i'm thinking of bukak puasa together with him outside since we haven't bukak puasa together,i mean just the two of us yet.but then i have to ask my sister if she has any plan to bukak puasa outside or not.

yesterday i went for bukak puasa with my sister,bro in law,my sayang,epy and my sister's colleagues at Intekma Resort S.alam.it was raining so bad and the venue was not suitable which was near the poolside.what a great idea Intekma *KUDOS*
the food was ok la but not to my expectation.plus the weather which made me so uncomfortable to eat and gobbled down everything which was served there and the price id RM35nett per head.i prefer the bukak puasa at Qaseh Restaurant S.alam because of the choice of food and the place itself.the price is ok but this year the price increases a bit compared to what we paid last year.we have planned to bukak puasa there later with my other sister and bro in law.
*yippie yay*

i am thinking of going for food hunt,which is going to the bazar ramadhan which i know would have many delicious food.teringat pulak popia goreng pedas dekat abzar ramadhan taman melati.aiyoook,drooling la pulak.sodapnya!

my other plan this ramadhan is to bukak puasa with my angels,i mean my buddies since many of them are in KL so it will be easier to plan for bukak puasa.i had promised wyna to bukak puasa together to celebrate my birthday.can't wait!!!

hopefully today is going to be a good day for everybody.have a good day and selamat berbuka later!

lotsa love;


My heart is ever at your service - WS

this might sound a bit cheesy but i love you more than you could have imagined.you are my sunshine who lights up my day.i couldn't be happier as i am right now.thank you for what you have sacrificed and what you have done.

lotsa love;

Ramadhan Kareem

it's Ramadhan already.how time flies so fast nowadays and we are now in the Holy Month,to be exact the third day of fasting.ngeheee..alhamdulillah everything goes on smoothly without any problemo.
hopefully this year's Ramadhan is better than the years before.have a great Ramdhan everybody.



before and now makes a big different

before this,i used to show my feelings and emotions towards the one i love because i thought it was really important to show whatever you felt inside towards that person.i tend to do anything in order to make that person realize how much i treasure and appreciate him as somebody special in my life.i wouldn't mind if there were many bad things i heard about him as long as i know him.yes,i knew him inside out.he couldn't keep anything from me because at the end of the day,i would know all the shits he left or made.seriously i wouldn't mind.i thought he would be the last person i love which means that we would end up getting married and have a wonderful journey ahead as an item.

but..we are just human.we can only plan but He has the answer and whatever happen is written by Him.we could just Redha and accept everything wholeheartedly without questions.

now,we lead our own life.i am happy with what i have and with who i am now.so does my Past.my Past has his own life as well,and hopefully he's happy with the life he choose.

but,being with my Future,i am not able to show that much feelings and emotions as what i used to give and show before.it's not that i don't want to be fair or i still think that there is still some hope with my Past but i am so scared that whatever happened to me before will happen again.i mean,my Future will do whatever my Past used to do.i know it's not fair to my Future for having to undergo this phase because i know my Future is not like that.but i just can't help it.i am effin scared.it's not fair for my Future but i really don't want to end up like before.HACK!

i know my Future loves me for who i am and willingly accepted me for whatever happened to me before.my Future is my best friend who will always be there for me under any circumstances and is ready to offer his shoulder for me to cry and lean on to.i couldn't be happier and thankful for that.

i love him too but i don't know how to show what i am supposed to show.i know some times my Future feels neglected and offended of what i said and done but he never gave up on me.it vividly shows in his eyes every time we argue for what he is supposed to get but he didn't.i know he is sad.i am so sorry for that.but please know that i really treasure this relationship and we are going to go one step ahead soon so i hope you will be patient and always be there for me and us.

i'll try my best to change and give you whatever you are supposed to get.you are the most important person in my life after my family.you are my strength.i just need you to be patient.je t'aime =)

i am having a wonderful life with my Future now and insyaallah forever.

loving her Future;


oh induction training !!!

i had to go through an induction course for 3 days 2 nights starting last Thursday until Saturday.it was tiring and my body is aching until now.too bad.
the induction course was held at Agrotek Garden Resort,somewhere in Cheras.when i arrived,i was so shocked to see the condition of the place.tempat tu bukan la tak cantik ke buruk ke hape tapi kat kawasan bukit.Oooo MAN!!!u should have known the condition la kan..mendaki bukit like heLL!the first time sampai da kena turun bukit yang sangat curam,dah la pakai heels.it was like "what the hell am i doing here actually?"!!!!
i was placed with the people i never thought i would be staying with.those whose names not to be mentioned here.aku dah agak down but then aku terpikir aku just akan spend my night with them,not the whole freaking day.ok laaaa...but then when it was the time for grouping,i was in the same group with the effin annoying guy on earth and 1 or 2 of them which somehow i would never want to be in a group with.CRAPPPPP!!!!!!!!
i have to be in that group from day one until the end.haih,bak kata rose "tak aura langsung.LOSER gile la group2 ko ct"!!!hahahha..yeah,i felt the same way too!
petang tu ada outdoor activity.the game was ok la but then when u didn't do exercise for a long time,your body will somehow react extremely to it.my whole body is aching especially my legs.
the next day,early in the morning,i have to join Jungle Treaking which was my freaking first time in my 25years of living on earth.it was so tiring and aku sangat semput ok!the journey was too long for me plus i have to be in a group with those i refused to be,lagi la sangat penat and stress.
then the whole day was filled with activities and the next day we have to wake up at 330am for Qiyamullail.oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
we went back on Saturday evening at 2pm.i refused to use the bus especially when i think about how the driver drove the bus on our journey there.get a freaking driving lesson pak cik!!!!!i asked my bucuk to fetch me instead.rose followed me as well.finally,the friggin 3 days ended.i was so thankful!
if i were asked to go to that place again,i would cryyyyyyyyy!haha..but it was a good experience though.