past tense

geheeee...i put past tense as my title because what am i going to post is what basically happened last two weeks.i went to Lost World of Tambun for my bro in law's family day and after that we went to Pulau Pangkor.

my sis,bro in law n epy

he kept on asking me to wipe the sand on his hand

owhhh..did u realize that actor?the one who's drinking

me happy

elfee's version of peace.i love u baby

we were tired but still managed to smile =)

my sis n bro in law

here we are at Pulau Pangkor

us there


batu2 yang tajam menyucuk kaki aku.
last pose before we headed to the hotel

walking along the beach

elfee was enjoying his time there playing with water

muka yang penat berjalan

those are the pics taken.there are more but i'm tired of waiting for d pics to be uploaded.haha.anyhoo,i'm having blast time there. *happy*




i've been thinking a lot for other people lately.thinking for other people is exhausting and i'm worn out.every time i'm home,i'll be totally flat.gila la.not that i regret it tapi when i know that some people won't appreciate what i have done is so pathetic.i don't ask tem to puji atau angkat aku but then when they tend to marah2 and cakap tak puas hati with d result,aku jadi sakit hati and geram.hello,i've been working on that thing for 2 weeks already.my brain is bleeding ok?and for that 2 weeks aku tak lekat kat office.been spending time in senate hall.thank god the food served are nice =)
so people,please think before you b urst out your dissatisfaction alrite?

i've been thinking about life and my future too.couldn't help it though.
i'm so nak balik kedah.missed my family already.going to go back end of this month for some kenduri.not my kenduri kawin of course.just small get together and doa selamat.hehehehe =)

owh ya,last monday was my mak's birthday.me and my sibling bought her necklace and pendant.she seemed so happy.love u mak.u mean the world to me.we love u so much. *hugs*




keep on smiling because you worth it.i'll pray for your happiness and mine too.may Allah bless us in whatever we are doing and whatever path we are taking.




i'm happy in my own way

are you trying to prove something to me?my..my..what a good step you are taking.i wish u all the best.

you don't have to do that anymore.you don't have to prove anything.you don't have to try your very best to prove me wrong.you don't have to because it's your life.you choose that way.it has nothing got to do with me anymore.i just can wish you all the best for everything you are going through.because i am happy in my own way.i'm happy to be having many beautiful people in my life now because they cheer me up through thick and thin =)




i have lots of friends, many good friends and some whom i can count on to which i regard them as my best friends.i cherish the friendship we made since the 1st day we knew each other.i love my friends so much but sometimes unintentionally i tend to hurt them.but pls know that i never meant to hurt any of them.i am human,sometimes i do things and think after the action being taken out,which i know such a bad thing.
but today, i've learnt a great thing about friendship.never keep secret from your friends because they have the right to know and if the thing is something which is good,they should know and feel the happiness too.thanks friends.
today,i admit that i've cried because of my friends.tears of happiness.i'm glad to know each and every one of u and syukur Alhamdulillah Allah jadikan kita kawan.i couldn't be more happier.
hugs to all my friends near and far,pls know that i love u guys so much and u guys are part of my life =)



let the pictures do the talking =)

enjoy the pics.btw, the pics are from latest to i don't know when :D

love em;

pain in the ass

don't you realize that you are that kind?