i find it very hard to put things into words.i rather keep quiet.that's what i do best.but silence sometime makes me become pathetic.

i have been through a lot.too much love, too much care, too much hatred, too much pain, too many ups and downs.i have to endure those feelings.it kicks me real hard.

i know things happen but to put the pieces together again is such a hard work.



~~~ dugaan ~~~

it's not cool to be sick again after god knows when.i missed many things,my work as well.but this is life.sometimes we are healthy sometimes we are not ~~~Allahuakhbar~~~~

the last time i felt sick i chopped off my hair.should i do the same thing this time around?sayangnyaa but i really need a new hairdo.bosan.sebab tu demam.haha.tadak kena mengena.

my head is aching like hell but i have to finish marking the answer scripts.i have like bundles of them.urghhh..i really want to puke.it seems like i failed to finish what i am supposed to do during the holidays.

haven't been able to sleep well.it triggers my migraine.that's great.

i missed my friends at the office.hee..it was like forever.haha.




i don't freaking know what happened to my blog.i ended up being like what u see now.i need to fix everything pronto.plain black is cool but man,it's too plain.i need so colors to cheer me up.so i will figure out what is happening to my baby blog and insyaallah we'll have a new look soon baby :)