oh my!!!!

omi gawd..it's tomorrow.ya saya sangat debo to the max.i don't know why,it's kinda weird feeling.takut + excited + sedih + happy = what i am now.

today me and my siblings been spending time buat pelamin since nak tunjuk creative la konon.hahaha..my dad dah gelak2 cakap we will end up finishing the pelamin esok pagi (sangat menyokong abah aku ni)

just now tok kadi datang,he asked me a few questions i.e istiqfar,mengucap and rukun nikah.thank god aku tak tersasul kalau tak mau abah aku debik aku tadi :p

yes,gugup yang sanagt but trying my best to control in front of my saudara since ramai jugak orang kat umah *nervous*

to all my friends, relatives and colleagues,thank you so much for the warm wishes.sangat terharu and appreciate.

to my family,thank you for the hard work and sacrifices.i love u guys a lot.muah2



fRiENdShiP :)

i am so thankful to be blessed with lots of beautiful,supportive,caring,understanding and crazy friends :)

they will always be beside me whenever i need them.kadang2 memang akan gaduh but after that we will become closer.



my Abah :)

i haven't got the chance to update about my dad's condition.erm..Alhamdulillah he's ok now.he shows a lot of progress and he's excited about my akad nikah.i'm totally happy and thankful.i couldn't ask for more.
yesterday we went to MAIK regarding the permohonan nikah and what not.he wanted to come along with me and my mom even though he was using tongkat.i was so touched.thank you Allah.

much love;


tik tok

tik..tok..tik..tok..time flies so fast and it's monday already.i have another 4 days before my akad nikah.

i am excited yet a bit scared.

i am happy because my dear friend is getting engage to her love one this november,double happiness!



on raya and big day

my hommie is now very quiet since my sisters,brothers in law, nephews and niece went back to their place yesterday.there are still people coming for hari raya visit but it is not as frequent as the last few days.

i had a blast hari raya.all my siblings were home to celebrate raya with my parents.alhamdulillah praise to Him :D

this year's raya will mark a change in me.as what i have told in the last post,in 10 days to come i will move one step ahead in my relationship,insyaallah.all the preparations are settled and i will only have to wait for the day to arrive.i am a bit scared,i bet that's normal for those who will go to that phase.but i m so thankful to have a very supportive family members and dearest.



Eid Mubarak :D

Eid Mubarak everybody.may all of us have a good Syawal this year.sorry for what i have done wrong.Maaf Zahir & Batin


the BIG day :D

there are so many things happened lately..i accept everything wholeheartedly.it's not that i'm not happy but i am still shocked but extremely happy =)

finally i have informed all my dearest friends about the big day.yes,my big day.i am going to move one step further after raya.insyaallah if He permits i will be akad nikah after hari raya,25 september 2010 to be exact.we reached to this decision after some discussion on both families and thorough brain storm with him.i am ready for this,i am ready to move forward.

to all my friends,thank you for your non stop prayers.love u guys a lot.hugs

much love;